Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thanks for praying...

Remember the little boy, Owen, that I posted about earlier this week? He is the 16 month old that fell into a small pool of water for maybe up to 10 minutes. (no one really knows...) God is performing that miracle that we have all been praying for!!! Here is an update on Owen, from his dad, Micah.
And here is Micah's update from Friday:

Wow! What a roller coaster of emotions I have been going through. Today was no different, but ended the same, with me being more confident than ever that the prayers for Owen ARE working!!! I know a miracle is taking place in this hospital!

Throughout the morning, Owen was pretty much the same. During the day, they Dr. did decrease the amount of breaths he is given from 18 to 15 to 10 by the evening!!! He is almost initiating all of the breaths he is taking on his own! They are also letting him stay awake a little while longer each time to initiate the events that will lead to taking away the ventilator and meds. The Dr. told me this morning that it could be up to two weeks before he was off of the ventilator, but by the evening, she was very optimistic and stated this could happen as early as Sunday night or Monday!!! Praise God!

The one thing that made my day was by a nurse. This nurse was here when "O" arrived on Sunday. She has not been here all week. When she came in tonight and got the status, and then checked on him, she told me, "He looks and sounds wonderful." Those words will stick with me for a long time. She stated that on Sunday, things didn't look good and she didn't know what to expect. She said that he looks so much better than she would have ever expected! That, in its self, is a miracle. She was just so happy and that just filled my spirit. I wish Jen would have heard and seen her face.

Jen took Wyatt home tonight to put him to bed. Wyatt got to spend all day with us at the hospital. He even took his nap here (a miracle if you know him). He is starting to act out a little because he needs more of our attention, but truthfully, he has never been better.

We, like you, are praying for a complete recovery. Although the Doctors say we won't know how much damage his brain has until he is completely off of the meds and ventilator for a few days, we are just blessed that things are looking MUCH BETTER! We have been told that Owen might need to go to rehab and might have to take medicine for a little while, but these are truly words of encouragement. We believe we will get Own back! I have been telling people that when this is over, I am throwing a huge party and the thousands of people praying for him will be invited. :-)

Continue to pray for his complete healing. He could possibly still digress, but with each passing day, the chances of that decrease (Dr. and nurse's words).

Keep praying! I will keep updating you!

With me and my family's sincere gratitude and love,



Please keep little Owen and his family in your prayers!!!

God is not done with this little life.

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