Saturday, September 27, 2008

Running on Fumes...

So, I know that being a mom is not easy...duh... But why have I felt so run down lately? It could be that I am staying up to late...It could be that I have 4 children, and 3 of them have special needs. Actually, Luca does to: He has BBTYO(Big Bad Two Year Old Syndrome :-)

But, I had an "Ah-hah" moment today: The reason I feel so run down, is that I spend most of my waking hours meeting the needs of my children and my husband. Who is meeting my needs?
(I am not trying to have a pitty party here, or sound selfish! Just trying to be real...)

Ryan is very busy with work, coaching volleyball, and he is right in the middle of his master's program. He also has a student teacher this semester that he is in charge of. So, his time is limited. My kids do fulfill me, don't get me wrong, but most of the time, because of their ages, they are in "need" of something that I have to do or get. The older two are much more independent, but because of their special needs, they can not do everything independently yet.

So, here is my question for all of you moms out there, or anyone with advice: How do I fulfill my needs and not feel guilty about it? What are some things that you do to fill yourself up?

I know that by doing this I will be a much better wife and mom!!!

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Heather said...

I will admit that I nap. I never used to nap, but now, when Acer goes down, so do I. I also will schedule a morning outing with a friend, while he's at school. recently I also had a pedicure. to be able to sit and have someone else massage my feet and then make them prettier - wonderful.
My sister in law gets a girl who's too young to babysit to come over and play with her kids while SIL works on projects in the house.
Have fun, and fill up those self batteries, you need them!
Heather BT

Sarah Amick said...

Solitude! I read a book this summer by Anne Morrow Lindberg, yes the wife of the pilot Lindberg. It was called Gifts from the Sea. One of the big ah ha moments that were revealed to me is that I have to spend some quiet time all by myself just reflecting on the person I am on the inside. She said daily, I have to do it once a week. She would go to a remote island every year for a week! I walk or go to a park, some place where I can be all myself.
Also, exercise has helped me tremendously. It gives me an outlet for all the pent up energy that I have.
Carve out some time for just you, and that can be just 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

i think all of us moms need to go to the gla fundraiser by ourselves and have a girls retreat.....what i do is volunteer in our church's youth ministry and my husband is good at giving me some space in the evenings if i want to go for a walk or something.....i nap too....


Rebekah Hubley said...

Thanks girls for your great comments!!! I have started going to bed earlier--like before midnight! :-) I do need to start running again--I used to feel sooooooooo good when I ran every day! A pedicure sounds amazing--on my to do list. And, I agree on the GLA fundraiser--just need to find the $ for the plane ticket. I wish is was that easy--just finding the money! :-) I am going to start doing something everyday for myself--even if it is something little. I have also took some 30 minute power naps the past couple days. That helps a lot! Thanks...