Monday, September 22, 2008

Africa: our conversaion...

This was the conversation between Micah and I today in the car, on our way to the doctor's office.


Micah: "Mom, what do they eat in Africa?"
Me: "Well, they eat a lot of rice and beans, meat, fruit, and vegetables."
Micah: "Where do they eat people?"

(don't ask me how, but Hannah and Micah had a conversation a couple months ago, and Hannah did not believe Micah when he said that some people eat people. Hannah likes to make up "funny sentences", and one was: "One day I ate a person." Then she laughs hysterically!!! (remember, she has a VERY morbid sense of humor. :-) So, the day of the conversation, I briefly told Hannah that cannabolism is real, but it does not go on any where around here, only in very remote parts of Africa. END OF CONVERSATION...

Me: "Where do they eat people????"
Micah: "Yah, you said that some people in Africa eat people."
Me: "Yes, in certain places they do, but it is very rare!"
Micah: "Do they kill the people before they eat them?"
Me: "Yes, they kill the people before they eat them." (I don't know???)
Micah: "I would like to try that sometime."
Me: "Try what?"
Micah: "Eating people." (he was so serious, I had to keep from laughing)
Me: "I think eating a person would taste very gross!!!!!!!"
Micah: "I don't! Someday I would like to try that."
Me: "Wouldn't that make you sad; to eat a person???"
Micah: "How do they kill the people?"
Me: "I don't know..." (this is the CRAZIEST conversation I have EVER had with him!)
Me: "Micah, this is something that you would never want to do! There are just certain people in Africa that do this, and it is a part of their culture.

He was still very insistent that this is something that he would want to do when he visits Africa! I am so glad that he never asked me if they only eat adults, etc... I wanted to keep the conversation G-PG. Where did this come from???? What in the world was his little brain thinking??? He dropped this as quick as he brought it up: THANK GOODNESS!!! :-) Our conversation was WAY MORE detailed that this, but this is all I could remember. Someone told me that I should take a mini tape recorder with me in the car.... lol...

(This truly does go on in the Northern part of Uganda!)


Laurie said...

This is cracking me up!! You do need to record some of these conversations. It would be great entertainment for me.

Wendy Campbell said...

What a conversation! I am continually amazed at how good kids memories are to certain things, and how wide their imaginations are! And I loved the blog about Hannah talking on the phone! Tessa (our two year old) loves to walk around now either pretending to talk or actually talking/babbling to someone on the phone. :)

Beka said...

Guess we never know what is going on in our kids' heads, huh? That conversation is hilarious! I wish I could have seen your face while this was going on. :-)

Sarah Amick said...

when you watch micah take in the world he seems to be just an observer, just trying to take it all in and find his nitch. now we know, he's sizing us up:
would that be a good rump roast?
leg of human?
i wonder what they would taste like barbequed?
disturbing really...
just kidding, love that conversation! i love, love, love car conversations, it's like therapy for children. they let it all hang out and usually discuss some pretty pressing issues that have been lingering on their minds, like: cannibalism...

Heather said...

I love these how do you answer this one and how did they even think to ask this conversations. Acer's latest, Does the xylophone want to climb the tree?
I've given your blog an award on my blog.
Heather BT

Heather said...

If you want to, you cut and paste the award and rules into an entry and paste the picture onto the sidebar. I think to do that, you have to download the picture onto your computer and then add it from there via your gadgets section of your layout. If that doesn't work, email me at heather bt at mac dot com and I'll get DH to explain better.
Heather BT