Thursday, September 18, 2008

Girl talk...

So, the phone rang this afternoon after the kids were home, and I answered it: This is how it went...

Me: "Hello."
Alyssa: "Is Hannah there?"
Me: "Yes, may I ask who is calling?"
Alyssa: "This is Alyssa. Can I talk with Hannah?"
Me: "Sure, here she is."
Me: "Hannah, Alyssa from your class is on the phone and she wants to talk with you."

So, from there it went. So, if you tried to call me from about 5pm-5:45, Hannah was on the phone with Alyssa and her twin sister Olivia. :-) Wow, I never thought it would start this early, but I am so glad that it has!!! Alyssa and Olivia are 2 of Hannah's favorite friends at school. She is always talking about playing with them at recess, and eating with them at lunch.

If I think about this too long, it will make me cry. I have always prayed that Hannah would be accepted by her peers, despite her blindness. She is, and they love playing with her as much as she loves playing with them. It makes my heart melt, just thinking about it!!! There was a time, not too long ago, that Hannah would have preferred being with adults and not kids her own age. She would tell us that, "Ryan and I were her best friends." Even though I thought that was very sweet, and I love that she loves being with us so much, I also longed for her to have some 'true' friendships. I was always scared that kids would shy away from her because of her blindness, and that is not the case at all!

God is sooooooo good, and my little "Hannah Banana" is growing up right before my eyes.
It is goes wayyyyyyyyy too fast!!!


Phyl said...

Uncle Jim will melt when he sees these pics of Hannah...she is looking so cute but so grown up!!!

stephanie garcia said...

How beautiful!

Sarah Amick said...

Some of these photos really look like you Bek! I am so glad that Hannah has expanded her world too! Children can be very cruel, however they have a great capacity for acceptance.