Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a much lighter note...

This is what I walked into today when Luca woke up from his nap. He was calling, "Mom, Mom, Mommy."

This is what was in the drawer: winter pajamas. So, the inevitable has come: we MUST take down the crib. We will put up his toddler bed this weekend, but we do have a net that we can "tent" him back in a crib if the toddler bed turns into a disaster. :-) This crib was loaned to us from a friend, and thank goodness he did not break the drawer!

The next pics are from our walk before going in and getting baths, and getting ready for bed. Luca wanted a walk in the stroller, and Micah decided to come along too. Why the hard hat and goggles you ask??? Micah said that he was protecting his head from falling nuts. ;-) He is our resident safety guy! He is going to HATE this pic when he is older. :-)


Phyl said...

I no more than asked (see facebook) and here it is, I knew I could count on Luca! I'm glad that Micah was safe from the nuts!!!

Pasifik said...

It looks like you have busy days with 4 children. Anyway, every children is a gift that we must care about.

PS. You have very cool picture here!



Phyl said...

I'm looking at this did he manage to get that drawer open all the way??? What a guy!!!

Rebekah Hubley said...


I have NO CLUE how he got it open! So, today I took out the top drawer: problem solved, right??? No, when I went in, he had been sitting in the second drawer. Oh well, this weekend will be some good stories with the toddler bed! :-)

Jaime said...

Always love to read about life after the adoption. Sounds like a "normal" family !?!

Good luck this weekend!
(Adopting Jean Dany and Danise)

Laurie said...

I am chuckling hard about your 'resident safetly guy.' That is so funny that he was protecting himself from falling nuts! Halarious.