Saturday, September 6, 2008

My budding artist... :-(

So, are you thinking Jackson Pollock too??? :-) Too bad this "masterpiece" will not make millions of dollars! No, it is not blood, it is FUCHSIA nail polish. This all happened in a matter of a couple minutes while I was up helping Micah cath. I did not even get mad... I was in SHOCK!!! Micah is standing there holding him, so he does not move and spread the color any more... (sighhhhhhhh)

I will post the whole story tomorrow!


Phyl said...

Oh Rebekah, I'm speechless! It seems that you will have to baby-proof your house to a ridiculous degree until he can better understand what he can and can't touch. I hope you were able to save your carpet!

Laurie said...

Ugggghhhh! Now I see what you were talking about. What fun.

Judy Crawford said...

oh my. I feel the pain.