Monday, September 8, 2008

A Country under water with no hope...

Many of you know that Haiti has been hit by 3 hurricanes in the past 3 weeks. For most of Haiti, it has caused lots of rain and high winds. But for the port city of Gonaive, Haiti's 3rd largest city, it has been disasterous!!!! Flooding is bad anywhere, but for a city in Haiti where the city dump is ANYWHERE, and you wash your clothes in the same river where you use the bathroom, you can imagine how deadly flooding can be. If you are not drown, most haitians do not know how to swim, you will probably die from walking around and accidentaly drinking sewage water. It might not even be on accident; this might and probably is the only water that is accessable to you and your already starving children.

For my readers, as you sit in your dry homes today please pray for the people in Haiti!!!! These people not deserving of any less than what we are privaliged to have. We are just the lucky ones that were born into a developed country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a message that was sent by Dixie Bickel; Director of God's Littlest Angels Orphanage. (Where Jonas lived)

Hurricane Update
More rain and wind and an already wounded Haiti is devastated! The photos I have attached are of the Gonaïve area on the west coast of Haiti. Gonaïve is situated on a river that comes out of the mountains inland of Gonaive. The old colonial drainage system has not been repaired or much has been destroyed. The government has not repaired the system or put in a new system, so the city floods when we have storms that come through.
The attached photos were provide by Joel Trimble from Haiti for Christ Ministries and also, Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
We received this email from Yvonne Trimble. (
Dear friend,

Ike rained and blew all night on poor Haiti. This morning it is still raining and blowing. While we are safe on a mountain in Port au Prince, the northwest of Haiti is experiencing a natural disaster of unimaginable proportions.

Tropical Storm Hanna flooded Gonaives and claimed more than 500 lives in the past week. Now Hurrican Ike is dumping more wind and rain on the battered region. This morning we received a first hand report of a missionary there who said, "Forty children in the orphanage are eating flour, because they have not had food for five days." This same missionary is using bleach to purify contaminated well water for drinking. While human and animal cadavers float in the flood waters surrounding the facility. They have no other choice though as the UN is NOT DISTRIBUTING RELIEF.

The UN received 33 tons of relief for the region yesterday and it is warehoused in Gonaives, to date they have not distributed any of it. We received a message from a Haitian pastor in Gonaives who said his wife walked 18 hours through mud and flood waters to get food for her family. She returned empty handed, even with cash she could not find food; BECAUSE THE UN IS HOLDING THE FOOD BACK IN THE WAREHOUSES. It is rumored they will sell the relief after the storm.
This same family said, they "are waiting for death." This is not an overstatement of the situation in Haiti. We need your help now. You can go on line and find the name of your Congress men and you United States Senators with their phone numbers. Call them today and tell them that the UN is NOT DISTRIBUTING RELIEF IN HAITI. That you know the situation is worsening by the minute and thousands are at risk, in fact 600,000 Haitians have been displaced without food and water for days now.

As of Sunday morning, aid had arrived in Gonaive but due to fear of rioting, it had not been distributed according to missionaries in Gonaive. People have been without food AND water for 6 days now. Orphanages in the area have children without food and water.

The UN that is suppose to distribute the food and water. The US, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, and other countries supporting the UN should demand that this food be distributed!

Another missionary, Licia Zachary Betor with Real Hope for Haiti, in the village of Cazele said that at 3 AM on Sunday morning, a wall of water swept through the village of Cazele. There is a small, shallow river that runs through the middle of the village. They are assuming that a mud slide in the mountains caused the wall of water to sweep down and flood the village. It took out the foot bridge over the river and swept people away. Licia heard that the road to the village was cut in half by the fast moving water and so the village is isolated, but she did not know for certain yesterday afternoon if that was true. Go to her blog at: to read more about the flood.

Please be praying for Haiti. Due to the flooding and devastation, schools will not open until October 6. Your help is needed more than ever to help the Haitian children.

And life in Haiti goes on...
Dixie Bickel, RN
God's Littlest Angels
Orphanage Director

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Elizabeth Bergeron said...

This is just so sad and should not happen with all that is available today!! Shame on those in high places that control the needs of these people!

My husband, daughter and friend are heading to Haiti next week for a quick pre-trip to secure plans for food to be delivered. We head up a satilite of Kids Against Hunger in Cincinnati. Jenny Warden gave me the blog address. Let's pray that there is some relief near and that the storms will stop.