Thursday, April 30, 2009

Angels All Around Us...

So, remember all of the angels that are solely in charge of Luca??? Well, they were all on duty tonight and flew down for an emergency....

We went over to Ryan's parents' house tonight to hang out and have dinner. We usually do this once a week... After eating, Ryan's brother and his family came over. He and his wife were heading out to a meeting, and their 2 boys were staying with Ryan's parents. Andrew is 1 year younger than Micah, and Ethan is 6 months younger than Luca. Andrew and Micah always play great, and Luca and Ethan are really becoming great buddies!!!

So, after dinner, I was helping Hannah with her homework at the kitchen table. All of the adults were in the kitchen talking (there were 4 adults). Luca and Ethan come out of the toy room with a couple things in each hand, and Luca says, "Goodbye, we are going to work." I laughed, and said, "Have a good day at work!!!" Both boys headed to the basement to "go to work". I did not pay any attention to them after that...they usually play so well in the basement, and if something is going on, you easily hear it and intercept it.

So, Hannah and I are doing homework at the kitchen table, right beside the big kitchen window. They live on a road (South Bend Dr.) where the speed limit is 30-35mph. People always go faster, and cops will set up speeding "stings" at a church parking lot right up the road.

Just before the "event" happened, a car flew by their house. I was still concentrating on Hannah, when all of the sudden I see Ryan's dad kinda jump, and make an "awful" face. A face filled with fear!!!! I quick look where he is looking and I see a flash of orange and navy heading QUICKLY for the road. I quick yelled, "A kid is going for the street!!!!!!!!!" (or something like that...I don't remember) Ryan and his dad dart for the door and I am right behind them. It seemed like FOREVER before we reached the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan grabbed Ethan off of the road, and I scooped up Luca on the driveway, about 4-5 ft from the road.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan could have been killed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luca has 'some fear' and knowledge of the road...but last summer he didn't. Ethan doesn't have a clue...He just ran out into the road..................... My heart is still beating fast just thinking about it.

How in the world did they escape????????? I did we not hear them... I guess that Dave did hear a door, but did not think anything about it. They have never done this before, but as Dave said, "They were going to "work"... To them, they were doing what daddies do every day...leave the house and go to "work".... I still cannot believe that I did not hear them leave the house. The kitchen table is only about 20-25 ft. from the back door... ---knots in my stomach--

THANK YOU GOD FOR THE ANGELS THAT YOU HAVE ENCAMPED AROUND LUCA!!!!!! (I hope that they are earning super shiny jewels....they deserve them all!!!!!!!!!!) :-)

Oh how quickly our lives could be altered FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God that today was not that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phyl said...

Oh thankful that everyone is safe!

One Crowded House said...

my tummy knotted up just reading that.... thank heavens for those angels!

-kate- said...

Rejoicing with you that everyone is ok! How scary!