Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Date...

Our date began with Ryan going to meet a friend at the driving range for about 1 hour. (Disclaimer: None of the following images are mine)

Then, off to the tanning bed. (So I don't fry at Disney...)

Next, off to have our eyebrows threaded... Not the best feeling, but amazing results...

Reward for the pain of threading...Ryan could choose whatever he wanted...
ENOUGH SAID!!! I will never tell you which one it was: (A) or (B) lol... :-)Maybe I am making this up, and maybe not...I guess you will never know...



Ryan's choice for takeout... My salad was REALLY YUMMY!!!

Nothing fancy schmancy for the hotel: We had won a free overnight there...
(No details here...) :-)

Friday @ noon: 5 hours at the Woodhouse Day Spa
Ryan absolutely LOVED IT!!!
(Thanks Uncle Jim for tripling our experience there!!!)

Vichy Refresher (Ryan)
Be inspired with this invigorating, yet relaxing treatment. This refresher begins with a dry brushing to exfoliate and detoxify the body. Allow yourself to escape with the application of essential oils that are rhythmically placed on the pulse points of the body. Complete your experience under the cascading waters of the Vichy shower, enlivening you from head to toe, assuring restoration and renewal. A Great Way to begin any massage!

The Aroma Bath Rituals The Aroma Bath Rituals offer the best of two worlds- massage and hydrotherapy. As you immerse in the healing water environment of your personalized essential oil bath, all the essences, combined with nutritional algae and Dead Sea salts, create exactly the experience that you have been seeking. Following your bath ritual, flow into a rhythmic massage designed to enhance the benefits of your personalized bath. You and your therapist will decide on the perfect choice from the following rituals: Digestive, Soothing, Fluid Reduction, Immune Reinforcing, or Uplifting. (The water to fill up the tub, came out of the was so cool!!!)

Plenty of "Spa Water" for both of us... It must de-tox you, because I have never went pee
more times in one day in my life... We also ate lunch after our first 2 treatments. Our meals:
Ryan: Blackened Salmon, gourmet potato chips, tossed salad with rasberry vinagrette dressing, homemade bread, and great iced tea.
Rebekah: Blackened Salmon, steamed asparagus, tossed salad with citrus vinagrette dressing, homemade bread, and great hot mint chocolate tea, and more "spa water".

1 hour Couple's Swedish Massage
This classic European body massage technique uses soothing, relaxing strokes to increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, and achieve total relaxation.

Gentleman's Manicure Any guy who works with his hands will appreciate the heavy-duty benefits of this treatment. The industrial strength hand healer is a rich non-greasy formula that helps heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands.

Refresher Pedi (Rebekah)
A great foot refresher for the times between your pedicure visits or as an add-on to other Woodhouse services! This refresher includes a soak, buff, and polish change.

The showers were amazing in this place!!! The normal shower head had great pressure, and then add to it the "rain" head above, and you did not want to stop showering. It was amazing!!!

This is what the inside of the changing/shower area looked like. We got ready for the rest of the evening, and then off we went...

Nothing spectacular for dinner... We had a gift card, and we really weren't that hungry...

Finally, off to a great ending!!!!! The Selah Concert... I don't like all Christian music; some of it is really cheesy to me, but Selah cannot go wrong! I love all of their music, and the concert was really like a praise and worship service... What a great way to end our date...Focusing on "Who" has brought us this far!!!!!



Heather BT said...

Sounds Wonderful!

Laurie said...

Wow!! Kidnap me next time!!! :) That really sounds like an awesome weekend. Tell me your tricks for doing it all practially free?!

Erica said...

I'm so glad you put pictures up!!

-kate- said...

Whoa whoa know how to have a great time! I hope you two had a wonderful bonding time and made many memories!

One Crowded House said...

good grief... you really packed a lot into a short amount of time! Great job!

Momto14 said...

Wow. What an awesome gift. Thanks for sharing with all the details. I love it.

Gwen said...

awwww . . .sounds wonderful!!! I can be tempted to be jealous, but I won't be!! Someday, maybe?!! HA!
That would make a great "girls" weekend!
We should plan to do that for one of the Haiti reunions!! As long as we all have someone to watch the kids . .. . !!!

TitansFan said...

Eyebrow threading, some type of hair removal? Sounds painful!
One of my best spa massage experiences came about when a friend told me about the Vichy Massage Table. The spa I went to had one and needless to say it was like going the extra mile to make me feel like I got my moneys worth.