Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Give up a Starbucks, and save a life...

I know we are all being effected by the economy, but I would be willing to bet that everybody reading this post has never missed a meal, unless it was by choice. I am sure that all of you would feed your children first, if it came down to that.

These precious kids at GLA are beyond that. Their parents ran out of options...it was either to let their children starve to death, or place them into the hands of GLA, and pray that they would go to a loving home and get a second chance at life. This is what GLA is doing daily: Saving the lives of almost 200 children, and placing them in loving families all over the world. These children do not come home malnourished. Jonas was on the North American growth chart on arrival to the US, and his blood levels and tests were all completely normal. No parasites, nothing...

This is the care that these children receive!!! Your money goes straight to the care of the children...and if you visit their website it is very evident!!!

Would you please consider going to their site today to donate... Skip your Starbucks this week and donate to save the life of a child. Look at your children and ask yourself, "What would I want someone to do for my child if I was in their circumstances?"

Here is the proof that GLA is doing an AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!

(Jonas: on arrival to GLA: 5-18-2007)

(Jonas: Easter day: 4-12-2009)

Thank you Dixie for saving Jonas's life! (For those of you that do not know, Jonas was not taken to GLA first. He was abandoned to a Haitian orphanage in Port Au Prince. They called Dixie right away because they knew she had the means to help special needs kids. GLA went and picked him up the next day. Dixie could have so easily said, "Sorry, our beds are full." That was the truth, but instead they made room for one of "the least of these". Our family will be forever changed and blessed by her decision to be obedient to God's calling!

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Jenn said...

So sweet. What a moving video. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I pray that many, many people will see this and act. I too am so thankful to GLA and the wonderful care they pour out to each of the children. Soon we will be traveling to bring our own son home.