Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, what can you buy for $40.00??? I will tell you....If you shop like me...

( I am not sure why the font is so won't let me correct it...)
Here is a rundown of what I bought today at a Private school's annual garage sale....
I am going to add in the name brands on some things, and you can add up my savings. In every category, the sizes will vary from a 4T-Adult medium. Sometimes I can get things for Ryan, (Like 2 brand new Banana Republic sweaters--$2 each--last week's church sale), but I did not find anything today. This sale was not the most organized, so I had to dig...and there is only so much digging one person can handle.

So, this is how this sale worked...a paper grocery bag for $15 each--sounds expensive, but I rolled everything, and you would be amazed at how much I got in 3 bags. I only had to pay $40, because my friend, Mia, put some stuff in a bag and gave me $5.

So, I won't keep you waiting any longer.....I can feel your suspense.... lol...

(FYI: All of the items below are like brand new, or just gently used. A couple still have the tags on... I don't go to garage sales to buy things that look like they are from garage sales...) (No one ever knows; well until now; that I dress our family for practically nothing!!!!!!!)
Socks: 6 pairs

Belts: 4

Swim suit: 1 (Speedo)

Swim suit skirt cover: 1

Gloves: 4 pairs

Scarves: 2 (Columbia)

Hats/Ear bands: 4

PJ's: 5

Sandals: 1

Jeans/Khaki's: 6 (Ann Tayler, Gymboree, Old Navy, Abercrombie, GAP)

Skirts: 3 (Express)

Tanks: 3

Shirts (long/short sleeve): 5 (Old Navy, Gap, Nike)

Sweater: 2 (Banana Republic, The Children's Place)

Shorts: 4 (Banana Rebublic)

Jean Jackets: 2 (The Limited)

Jacket Vest: 1

Coats: 3 (Obermeyer--very expensive ski coat, Bianca, Squeeze)

Snow Pants: 2 (Spyder--very, very expensive ski brand)

So, 59 pieces divided by $40= $.68 per piece.....


So, how are we a family of almost 7 on a teacher's salary??? This is how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You have a gift.

Laurie said...

LOVE it! I'm such a fan of good deals too and I can get a high off of it for about a week. :) I was going to put some of my GoodWill (our thrift store) finds on my blog that I got last week, but it doesn't compare to all these clothes!!

One Crowded House said...

you go girl!

We were so busy today and drove by a ton of yard sales... I practically gave myself whiplash flipping around to see if I could see anything good as we went flying by!

-kate- said...

That is awesome! You are a great shopper! I was thinking I could send you the boys' sizes and you could shop for us! lol (I am kidding!)

Nothing better then a bargain!

Cheryl said...

You sound like me!!! Other people actually ask me to watch for items for them when I garage sale. I love finding the bargains. I also only buy the things that look pretty new.

You deserve extra credit though for having to dig through unorganized clothes. That takes a lot of extra time.

When I bring clothes down to GLA for the toddlers, Molly is always amazed that the things came from garage sales. They look almost brand new.

LaDawn said...

That is really impressive, Rebekah! I really wish I had the time to go to garage sales because just like you've just mentioned, you can find such great stuff, and for so cheap!