Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guest Bloggers: Jess and Anna

Micah all ready to head to Disney!

Micah saying goodbye to Jonas
Lots of people showed up to see them off!
Luca's aunt helping him pee outside because the bathroom was occupied.

Anna and I put Luca to bed around 8pm. We checked on him a few times and he was still awake but in his bed. Around 9:45pm Anna went upstairs to use the bathroom and she came down the stairs and into the kitchen laughing because she had tripped on something at the top of the stairs. Not thinking anything of it, Jess went upstairs and sorta tripped on something but assumed it was clothes from the hamper sitting on the stairs. Before coming back down Jess left a light on and noticed Luca lying on the stairs...completely asleep....and pajama-less. And instead of picking Luca up and putting him in his bed, Jess ran to get Anna while laughing hysterically to point out what she had tripped on. :) But don't worry, as soon as we had a good laugh we carried Luca back to bed...

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Rebekah Hubley said...

Luca sleeping like that is the funniest thing that I have seen in a while... :-)