Friday, May 22, 2009

friday foto fun

Some webcam effects made for a good hour of entertainment and nonstop "lemme fly!" from Luca ever since...

" I wanna fly!" (and so we let him...)
moving out of the view of the webcam...

hahaha, we didn't know it did this but let me tell you it's hilarious to watch.

every days a disco party with luca!
who wouldn't be happy with a bowl of popcorn on your head that follows your movement?
we tried for a group pic... poor Jonas was not having it lol
and a story from the park:
While at the park Jessica andLuca were at the top of the slide Jess said "I'm going to beat you down the slide!" after coming down he ran back toward the slide stairs and looked at her and yelled "I'm going to beat you up!" its possible that we got some weird glances from other people near the slides as a two year old supposedly was going to beat Jess up haha.
And Jonas- probably the funniest thing ever when he cracks himself up. When we picked him up from school today I got him out of his chair and he started thrashing and screaming (happy screams) and for the whole drive home he would burst out laughing randomly- definately contagious... aaand, he laughs when he poops. I imagine he thinks it's hilarious when we have to change his stinky diapers, because when he does something he does it big... enough said.
Tomorrow night Rebecka, Ryan, Hannah and Micah will be home- we're pray for a fantastic end to their trip and safe flights home!

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Anna & Jessica said...

correction: we're praying for a fantastic end to their trip... it's late :)