Thursday, January 15, 2009

A sister for Hannah???

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't tell Ryan anything about this post... lol!!! :-) Well, if you know Hannah, you know that she is really 'over' all of these brothers around here! She has asked over the past year for an older sister. Ryan laughs, but really honestly, children do not surprise me with their knowledge of the plans that God has for our lives!!!

There is a home for blind orphans in China called Bethel. There was an e-mail posted today from a 'Parents of Blind Children' forum that I am a part of. Three 'older' girls are desperately wanting families, and one is about to age out of the program. That RIPS at my heartstrings!!! No one should ever grow up without a family and a mommy and daddy. No matter what their disability. And if you have ever met Hannah, being blind is really not a disability!!! Not seeing has not stopped Hannah from doing ANYTHING!!!

Here is the post...
When I was adopting our 8 and 9 year old daughters earlier this year
from China, I met three beautiful girls who all are longing for their
own families. They are foster sisters at a school for blind orphans.
All three are blind, as are the girls we adopted. The school our
daughters attended teaches English, and our daughters spoke better
English than some of our guides in China. They did not even qualify
for ESL services when they got home. They were wonderfully prepared
for their adoption. I cannot say enough good things about their
school. The director of the school speaks excellent English and would
be happy to talk in much greater detail to anyone interested in
adopting one of the children. She has asked me to help spread the
word about some of their older children who are longing for families.
I also met these three girls during our adoption trip. I spent two
days with them, and they are unforgettable. If anyone would like
further information on these children, or would like to know how to
contact the director, please email me at vtscott @ cox . net (remove
spaces). Please feel free to crosspost this as well. I wish more than
I can say for these three girls to find families of their own.

Dh Travis
Dds Rosanna (Xingyi), Jenna (Luoyang), Dori, Callista, and Aliana

Yuan is a soft spoken, very sensitive, 12 year old girl. She loves to
sing, play with babies, and works hard in school. She knows both
English and Chinese Braille. She has been studying very hard the last
few months after some of her friends were adopted. She said she wants
to do well so she can be adopted too. She is very helpful and loves
to take care of the people around her. She was shy when everyone was
crowding to see me, but was thrilled to sit quietly and talk to me at
length. She speaks excellent English, and just has such a sweet,
gentle spirit. It just shines out of her when you speak with her. She
knows she is close to aging out, and desperately wants a family
before it is too late.

Xiao is an adorable 5 year old girl. She loves to play with baby
dolls and is very much a girl. She is always toting a doll or stuffed
animal around. She has a mischievous streak in her, and often tries
to charm her way out of discipline. She is very intelligent, and does
have light and color perception. She has recently been struggling
with all of her preschool friends having families but her. She was
heard saying, "I don't NEED a mama and baba." She seems to be really
having a hard time be left behind, and is trying to be strong since
she does not have a family yet.

Chun is a very smart little girl with an absolutely million dollar
smile. She is 7 years old. She knows English and Chinese Braille.
Although she was a little harder to understand than some of the other
kids when I met her in June, her English comprehension was excellent,
and I could understand her with a little effort. Her foster mother
reports that she always wants to mother everyone and do things for
them. She is a strong leader and always has a huge grin on her face.
She has a good sense of humor, and shows enthusiasm doing all kinds
of different activities. She is very affectionate and soaks up any
one-on-one time she can get. She asked if she could pretend I was her
mama too, and begged me to take her home with me. She also asked me
to tell all of my family and friends about her because she wanted a
family too. She is a true heartbreaker, but a firecracker as well.

So, I go over to Bethel's website, and see this video... Pull out the tissues before watching! Hannah, maybe your sister will come from China??? :-) God needs to tell Daddy first though!!!
(Remember to turn off my blog music before watching the video.)


Anonymous said...

i think i need one of those lawn mowers!!! china is a beautiful place with beautiful people....of course we know that because our fabulous eve was born there.....bethel seems like a very special place......


One Crowded House said...

this would be so cool!!!!!!