Monday, January 12, 2009

Micah is 6...

Sorry for the blogging break... I am still not totally in sinc after the craziness of the holidays and the power outages... I feel like a hamster in a wheel, but it is getting better.

Before It get's too far past; I wanted to make a tribute to Micah's 6 years of life. His birthday was actually Friday, January 9th... I am so thankful to God everyday that Micah was born in the US. He would have died in any under-developed country. Micah has gone through more in his 6 short years of life, than most of us will ever go through in our entire lifetime!!!

Micah is such an old soul, and has such a servant's heart! In the slide show below, there are some missing gaps. I did not get my first digital camera until he was about 2 1/2. I have scanned some photos from before that, but our scanner is not working now. I could have put so many more photos in this, but had to stop somewhere... :-)

Enjoy...Thank you Micah for making my life better, and for teaching me what is important in life and how very precious life is!!!


BSC said...

Happy Birthday Micah. What a sweetheart.


Tracy said...

What a great slideshow! I enjoyed watching it!

Tracy said...

What a great slideshow! I enjoyed watching it!

Momto13 said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday!!