Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun little buy...

Aren't they cute!?!? I was looking on ebay for fleece lined jeans for Hannah. She absolutely LOVES FLEECE!!! It is sooo hard finding fleece lined jeans in her size--6-7. I did not have any luck finding any for her, but found a pair in Jonas's size and I bid $.99. I completely forgot that I had even bid on them, and tonight I got the email that I won them for $.99. I love a good deal!!!!!!!! Shipping was $5.00, which I know is too high, but for these cute jeans and how warm he will feel in is worth it!

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Anonymous said...

My kids still love polar lined jeans- try The Children's Place
I always found lined jeans there on clearance after Christmas.
The go up to size 14.