Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Report Cards...

Okay...So I am going to brag tonight... I know that Grandma's and family will be excited to see this:

We have a STRAIGHT A student in the house!!! I am so proud for many reasons...

-Hannah achieved straight A's at a school that is NOT for the Blind...

-We were told by the School For The Blind, that Hannah would be doing great in braille if she were able to read at grade level with her peers by the 5th grade. I am proud to announce that she has been on grade level with her sighted peers since she began her school career, and she has never fallen behind. (She is amazing her braille teacher...Miss Rhonda will give her new braille contractions, and Hannah already knows them. She has left her momma in the dust as far as braille goes!!!) I need to take a grade 2 braille coarse this summer to even get close to Hannah...

Go Micah Go!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you and are proud of what you are accomplishing!!!

So, the verdict is out on Luca... What do you think???? ADD???? :-) He is very smart, but this child cannot tell his colors apart for ANYTHING!!!! :-) Any suggestion? He usually says that things are yellow or black. I have even had him choose from 2 colors, and he can't... Honestly, I would have to laugh if we found out that he was color blind! Nothing can really shock me anymore... lol...

-Lastly, she is not displaying any of my ADD characteristics... lol... Seriously, school was a social gathering for me. I loved school, but was in trouble CONSTANTLY for talking...(go figure) I was diagnosed with ADD in the 7th grade, and medicine is my friend!!! I always had the potential for great grades, but it was not until my Junior year in High School that I made high honor roll. I finally decided to apply myself. So, for my 2nd grader to get straight A's, makes this momma VERY proud!!!

So, here they are:

Social and Behavior Development: E
Work and Study Skills: S+ (this is my fault for not signing her homework folder a couple times... oops... :-( )
Language Arts (Reading): A
Language Arts (Written/Oral Language): A-
Mathematics: A
Science: A
Social Studies: A
Magnet Music: A
Piano: A
Drama: A
Spanish: A
Magnet Art: A
Go Hannah Go!!! Sweetheart... We are so proud of your accomplishments no matter what grades you make!!!
Micah: He also had a great report card! In our Kindergarten they do not use letter grades A-F. We are so glad that Micah is doing great in school. We were VERY prepared to hold him back in Kindergarten if we had to. Some kids with Spinabifida can have learning disabilities. He does not show any signs of learning delays at all!!! To that I Praise God!!!

Micah's grades...

Social and Behavior Development: S
Work and Study Skills: S+
Language Arts (Reading): E
Language Arts (Written/Oral Language): S+
Mathematics: S+
Science: S+
Social Studies: S+
Health Education: S+
Art: E
Physical Education: S
Music: S

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