Friday, November 28, 2008


Here is a message that was on our O's website this morning. Our dossier was one of the ones given back to GLA. (Read this post for the history)

Our Haiti adoption Dossier...

27 November 2008

Today is American Thanksgiving and we celebrated in many ways here in Haiti. One big way was when we received the news that IBESR and Parquet had their meeting today and decided that they would honor a moratorium on all dossiers that go into IBESR by January 7, 2009. IBESR has agreed to ask for dispensation for all dossiers not fitting the law of 1974 if in IBESR before this date. With them doing this, it should go quicker than if each orphanage asked for dispensation dossier by dossier. IBESR will ask for dispensation in batches.

So tomorrow morning, we will send all dossiers that were returned by Parquet to IBESR and they will apply for the dispensation. This is wonderful news and makes today a GREAT Thanksgiving Day for us and all adoptive parents!


Finally, some good news for adoptions in Haiti. God, keep it coming!!!!!


stephanie said...

Praise the Lord! How awesome is that. Great news.
Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Steph

Paige Mann said...

WOW! We do indeed know how big that news is! CONGRATS!!


Anonymous said...

yes god....keep it coming!!!


Phyl said...

Wonderful news!

Laurie said...

That is so great!! Moving right along now...