Monday, November 17, 2008


Most of you all know the problems that Jonas had with 'regular' milk. He is VERY lactose intolerant, and gets cramps, gas, and major runs from it. So, we switched him from regular to lactose free milk, and it did WONDERS for his digestive system and for his personality!!! It is amazing how happy a kid can be when they are not having GI issues!!! :-)

So, I love the milk, but the cost is crazy!!! The cheapest I can get 1/2 gallon of the lactose free milk is $3.15 at Walmart. I have had to pay close to $4.00 for 1/2 gallon when I have not had the convenience of a Walmart. So, all the money I saved on formula by breast feeding my other 3 kids for the first year of their lives, has all gone to this 'crazy' milk.

So, why am I posting about milk today??? My friend Mia, who went down to Haiti with me to get Jonas, called me from Hill's Meat Market and told me that their 1/2 gallons of Lactose free milk were on sale for $.99, and she asked me if I wanted any. Uh, Yah... So, she told me there were 13 left. When she got to my house, she said the manager had found 9 more 1/2 gallons. 22 1/2 gallons at .99...Do you know how much money she saved me today??? I do: $47.52 to be exact!!! THANKS MIA!!!!!!

And, this milk happens to be organic too... So, since I am not ingesting pesticides into Jonas anymore, I am expecting him to be walking and talking in complete sentences by next week!!! lol... (that was to all of my organic buying friends...) I have nothing against organic, and I think it is great, but my "Dave Ramsey" budget does not allow for much, if any, organic food. Especially not here in the midwest, where produce doubles in cost over the winter months!!!

You might be wondering where I am going to keep all of this milk??? Did you know that you can freeze milk and it stays perfectly fine!!! So, our freezer out in the garage is currently stocked with enough milk to at least get Jonas through the New Year!

Can you believe I just did a whole post on milk? Sorry... :-)

(I will do anything for this boy and his smoochin' lips!) BTW: He is giving kisses now, and I am loving them! He not only kisses me, but throws in a little "baby frenchie", and sticks his tongue right between his lips... :-) What can I say, he is Haitian to the core!!! lol... :-)


Jaime said...

I love this post! It's always fun to hear about a bargain and you got a great one! I didn't know you could freeze milk... learn something new everyday! Love the pic of that pucker!!!

One Crowded House said...

I could do whole posts on milk as well- and we don't even have to buy organic.... 7 to 8 gallons of milk a week gets a little pricey!

I love that picture of Jonas! so very sweet.

I will celebrate with you on your milk bargain!!!! YAY MILK!

Sarah Amick said...

Oh, Becca, he is so cute! I love his expressions! Sarah

Wendy Campbell said...

Way to go Bekah! We buy organic for the girls, too and it is crazy! Being in dairy country we can get it for a tad cheaper, but nothing like $.99. Thanks for the reminder on freezing milk. Although, we don't have a big freezer any more. Sigh.

Tracy said...

We just found your blog. Freezing milk, thanks for the tip. We are waiting for our Haitian little girl to come home and we have heard lactose intolerance is very common! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

Christine said...

I had never thought to freeze milk. Every once in awhile our store will have the milk that is getting older marked WAY down. I have a big 'ole freezer in the garage.