Saturday, November 15, 2008

We got the BOOT...

We have now entered the group of families that have gotten the 'boot' out of Parquet. What does that mean... It means that our dossier has been rejected from Parquet, and given back to the orphanage to receive Presidential Dispensation (Pardon), so we can adopt Jonas.

Here is the e-mail we got from Bethany earlier this week:
Good morning Rebekah,

I received your email yesterday, and unfortunately, I did not have good news waiting for me this morning. Here is Dixie's email to you. I will keep you updated after I hear more from Dixie.


Dear Ryan and Rebekah,

The Parquet section of the Haitian government has started rejecting dossiers of all families who already have biological children. Unfortunately, your dossier was one of the ones they gave back to us.

They are asking us to get a Presidential dispensation, which in English means a pardon. Our lawyer has a meeting with the Commissioner on Thursday to discuss this issue. It is not the Commissioner who is rejecting the dossiers, it is his secretary. All of the orphanage directors also have a meeting with IBESR director tomorrow, Wednesday, to ask her to intervene for us with Parquet. It is the responsibility of IBESR to ask for the dispensation. If we can not get Parquet to reverse their decision, then we will have to add another step to the process and petition IBESR to ask for a dispensation for your dossier. I will let you know after Thursday the results of all of our meetings.


Dixie Bickel, RN
Orphanage Director
God's Littlest Angels, Inc.
Haitian Baby Ministry

We got another e-mail from Bethany yesterday:

Hi Rebekah,

I spoke to Dixie today, and we talked about your dossier. Dixie said that the letter has been written and in the hands of GLA's attorney, and as soon as the "verdict" is reached after today's meeting between IBESR and Parquet with regards to the moratorium, the attorney will move forward. The presidential dispensation is requested to the Minister of Justice. GLA is ready to do whatever is needed to complete your adoption.


LaDawn Penner
International Services
Bethany Christian Services


So, does this stink....yes...But I truly have a peace about the whole thing! But, we have it totally different than 99% of the other adoptive families... Jonas is here. It really sucks for the families that are losing precious months with their children. So, what is Haiti being so fussy about??? They are trying to reinstate the laws of 1974.

Here it is:

1974 adoption law

I found these requirements at
based on the 1974 law.

· No religious requirements
· Married couples - must be married 10 years, one parent must be at
least 30 years of age, only 1 or no biological children (do not count
adopted children). No parent over the age of 55.
· Couple not married - same requirements but must be able to show
proof of cohabitation for 5 years.
· Single woman - 35 years of age, no more than one biological child
in the home when you begin the adoption, not over 55 years of age
· Single man - 35 years, must be widowed or recently divorced, no
biological children, not over 55 years of age.
· No more than 2-3 divorces allowed but that Haiti needs to approve
this on a case-by-case basis.

Note: If you have more than one biological child, you may adopt a
special needs child or a child over age 5.
As of October 1, 2007, the director of Haiti adoptions (IBSER) will
likely not accept or approve families/singles to adopt if they do not
meet all of these requirements. The director is strictly enforcing
these requirements that date back to the Haiti Adoption Law of 1974.


Kind of confusing, right... We actually meet the requirements of the law, but were given the 'boot' anyway!!!???

I know this will all work out, and I am not at all scared that the adoption will not go through. These are the times that I am SOOOOOOOOOO THANKFUL that we are using Bethany Christian Services to represent our adoption!!! I would be more worried without an agency backing us up!

Adoption is a CRAZY THING, but soooooooooo worth it!!!

Looking at this beautiful face makes me know that it is all worth it!!!!
These were taken at GLA last December...


BSC said...

I just don't get it. We have 3 bio kids and so far we haven't been sent back. Who knows? But I'm not stressing, because you all who have been sent back could still get out long before me. Or not. It's just so crazy!!!

BTW, loved the Christmas photos of Jonas!!!


Gwen said...

Just want you to know that I'm praying for your file, Jaime's file and others who have been kicked out (for now). God has a special plan in all of this and His will, will be done. Jonas is a "crack-up" in these pictures - such JOY!!! Love it!!!

Laurie said...

It's nice to see you blogging again! :) What craziness. I am so glad you have Jonas here with you already during the wait...but hate it for the families who don't. Praying you'll get your 'pardon' soon.

stephanie garcia said...

I haven't commented because I just did not know what to say beyond how sorry I am about this, for you and so many other families. May the "pardon" be granted very, very soon!