Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Absolutely nothing to do with our blog...But this is HILARIOUS!!!

Okay, so maybe Hannah does get her sense of humor from me, because this video below is THE BEST!!! I can't stop watching it...It is sooooo funny! I saw it for the first time on another blog today and HAD to post it.

So, if you are having a bad day today, I hope this makes you laugh!!! I know it was probably not funny at the time, but I hope they can look back and laugh now... I am...

I am always laughing at people when things like this happen, as long as they are not hurt!

(I don't know if this if for real...but it sure looks real!!!)


Tracy said...

HA! That video is hilarious, glad you're enjoying it.

We are adopting from For His Glory adoption outreach, orphanage is Maison de Infants de Dio or something like that. It's in PAP.

Thanks for posting, looking forward to following your blog!

Cheri Kay Sessions said...

:) That did make me laugh! Maybe they were planning a baptism too!!!! LOL!!!1 thanks!!!!

Nadia said...

it is real..I was watching some show the other day where they were talking about this type of video..real or fake and this one was real! poor bride LOL.

lurker from Canada..I have siblings adopted from haiti.

Gwen said...

looks like something my goofy husband would do . . . anything for attention!

Amy said...

Holy Cow!