Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update from GLA...

Our file is one of the ones that Dixie refers to about Presidential dispensation.
God is in control, and that it SO GOOD!!!

Posted yesterday on GLA's website:

"As far as we have heard, the director of IBESR still has not had a meeting with Mr. Mazar in Parquet. So...I have no news for you yet about the Presdiential dispensation. We have given some dossiers to our lawyer to ask for a dispensation. We cannot wait for IBESR and Parquet to come to an agreement and for them to tell us that they will allow the adoptions that are stalled to be approved! So we have asked our lawyer to go ahead and apply for a Presidential dispensation. The Association of Creches has proposed to IBESR that a committee be set up to review dossiers in IBESR and pull the ones that need a dispensation and get them sent quickly for the dispense. We do not know if IBESR will accept this yet.
An American group is here today and was to have a meeting with IBESR. Mrs. Bernard Pierre did not show up for their meeting. It is very difficult to get anything done when you cannot meet with officials.
We have received several dossiers out of IBESR and MOI this week. It is nice to see some dossiers continue to move through the system, but it is sad to watch others get stuck in the system. My heart goes out to the children who have to wait so much longer for the government to decide if they can be together with their forever family!"

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