Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What are you having for dinner???

We are having Taylor Pork Rolls:

For all of my Eastern PA friends, or friends that visit the New
Jersey shore: I am cooking my last package of Talyor Pork rolls
tonight for dinner... :-) These make me miss the beach and Ocean City, NJ
sooooooo much. So, longing for some warmer weather, and missing the
Eastern side of the country, I am cooking these. This will be Jonas's
1st exposure to this 'delicacy'... :-) He will love them: nice and

I only get these when I see my aunt and uncle from Allentown. She
buys me a bunch to freeze up, and usually they last a few months...

(BTW: Jonas ate 2 and would have wanted more, but I did not totally want to grease his insides... :-)

This was by no means a 'healthy' meal; but it was REALLY yummy!!! I eat mine with tomatoes and mayonnaise. Some people like to eat them with melted cheese on them and mustard... To each his own...

What are you having for dinner???


One Crowded House said...

sticking with the not so healthy theme... we had left over gravy on toast, and some ham and beans (ok- the ham and beans aren't that bad for us :)
That meat looks like thick bologna! :)

Do you use your hotmail address? I think I replied to a comment on my blog- and it went to that e-mail address....

Gwen said...

Yummm . . .I haven't had Taylor pork roll in FOREVER!! You are making me hungry! I do like cheese on mine! : ) Wonder if they are gluten free???

Phyl said...

I lived a little west of Philly years ago but never heard of these...we had great cheese steaks there! I made chili for dinner (one of my comfort foods).

Beka said...

It was cool enough outside to make clam chowder and then I made banana bread too. :-)