Monday, December 8, 2008

While I was at work...

I am still at work, and will probably be here until midnight grading final projects. Ryan just called me and told me that he and Micah sent me an e-mail. Here it is:

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He said that Micah was cracking himself up. I can just here it now!!!! So you may ask: "Where did Ronald McDonald come from?" Micah got to see him 2 summers ago at the RMH in Chicago. They were celebrating 30 years of existence, and Ronald made his appearance for a couple of hours. I am sure Micah will be telling me about this all tomorrow morning!!!

Well, off to grading so I am not here to wee hours of the morning.


Jessica said...

SO funny....i also just posted one on my blog.
i LOVE that pic of jonas they used haha. it's too cute

Sarah Amick said...

your right, jonas makes that video! he has the best expressions!