Friday, December 12, 2008

Jonas's Eye Exam...

Well, the morning did not start off so well... He was not very happy when I dressed him and put him in the car with no milk to drink. There were tears all the way to the hospital, and then for about another 10-15 minutes. I guess he just realized that food or drink were not in the picture, and he was a perfect camper. Thanks for all of your prayers... :-)

God is definitely in all of the details!!! Our nursed walked in and she looked soooooo familiar. For those of you that know me well, I know a lot of people. I just LOVE people... She started talking to me and said that she has adopted a son from Haiti. Then it clicked: We met last February, before Jonas was even home, at a Haitian get together in Lafayette Indiana. She adopted a boy named Desimond from Heartline Ministries a few years back. It was so cool that she was my nurse, and we kept getting off tract talking about Haiti and adoption.

WE LOVE OUR EYE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!! She came in and chatted, played with Jonas, and just talked to me a long time. Like we were her only patient today; even though we weren't!!! Dr. McCabe... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Jonas had to have a series of eye drops put in his eyes to dialate them. He was not a fan of this, but made it through. The nurse carried him back and he went to sleep. No IV's today, just gas.

Here is his eye report summary from May, right after we brought him home:

Normal: corneas, iris, lens, retina, and retinal vessels.
Optic nerves appear pale with possible cupping, but unable to assess well.

Today's report: PERFECT EYE EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely nothing wrong with any eye structures. So, what does this mean for Jonas's vision... He still has the brain damage to the occipital lobes of his brain, that will not change. But, there are about 40 other vision centers of the brain that we can tap into with therapies, etc., and try to reteach the brain to see in a different way.

Will he ever have normal vision...No, minus a complete healing from God. But, any vision is soooooooooo helpful and now there is not anything blocking messages going through the eye to the brain. The messages just get scrambled up in the brain and don't return to the right places.

With his diagnosis of CVI(Cortical Visual Impairment), his vision can improve to about age 8-10.

This was a great day, and a great appointment!!!!!

Once again, thank you all for your prayers....

**Sorry, no pics from today... You would really think that a photographer would remember that, right!!! :-)


stephanie said...

Wow! Praise the Lord. What a great report!

Jaime said...

Praise God! Jonas is now in a great place to get those therapies, too! His potential is great and I look forward to hearing about his continued gains! Also, what a blessing to have such a great nurse and doctor. As you said, God is in the details! I hope Jonas got a great snack when he was all done!

BSC said...

I'm so happy things went well for you both. It must be a relief to have this diagnosis and know that it will get a little bit better for him. Praying that you are able to find the best therapies to connect those vision centers in his brain.