Monday, December 22, 2008

Still No Power...

This house is just a few blocks away from us. Trees are down everywhere, but this was most impressive to me!!!!

Day #4, and still no power... We are all better now, and have been puke and fever free since Saturday afternoon. As of this morning, our house is a steamy 40 degrees F. All of Micah's fish have died. He is handling that really well. He saw them this morning when Ryan went to check on the house, and he said, "they were all standing on their noses..." :-)

So, since we feel we are not a threat anymore to getting people sick, we will head down to my parents today and wait it out there. My grandmother has been there since Saturday, and we did not want to risk getting her sick.

The kids are all sleeping well, and have adjusted to skipping around to different houses very well. Hannah thinks this is just one AMAZING slumber party fest!!! :-) The kids are all VERY EXCITED that we are going to be staying at Grammie and Pop-Pop's house indefinitely.

About Santa... Oh the lies I am weaving now... lol... I told Micah that if we are not back into our house by Christmas Eve day, then we will write Santa a letter and 'overnight' it to the North Pole, telling him where we are staying. I told him that Santa is very smart and flexible, and this will not be hard for him to do at all! ;-)

Please be praying for the people of Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. I think there are approximately 50,000 customers without power. That is a lot of people!!! I am just so thankful that this is Christmas Break and Ryan has these next 2 weeks off. There are a lot of perks being married to a teacher!!! His vacation time ROCKS!

My parents to not have the internet, so I will try to post some pics from this last week before we leave our friends' house today.


Big Al, the gal said...

How did Hannah get so amazing? She is so adventurous!! I swear, I hope she writes a book one day so that I can learn from her.

Big Al, the gal said...

And sorry about the fish. :o\

Phyl said...

If Santa "sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake etc., etc." wouldn't he already know where you're staying??? Merry Christmas!