Sunday, June 22, 2008

Micah and the ice-cream man...

I grew up living in the country, so I never got anything from the ice-cream man as a child.  When Ryan and I got married, we moved to Fort Wayne; a much bigger city than Bluffton!!!

I bought my first treat from the ice-cream truck when Micah was about 6-7 months old, and he and I shared it.  If you know me well, you know that I LOVE ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!  It is my weakness!  Micah also shares my love of ice-cream.  Hannah HATES ice-cream!!!  I am not sure whose kid she is??? :-)

Even before school is out for the summer, those crazy trucks start hitting the streets, ripping off children and their parents, and blaring their songs!  There were many times last summer that Micah stood in our driveway crying, as the ice-cream man drove buy, because we would not let him get something.  We were not sure if Micah was going to make it through the summer!!!

Our saving grace:  A REAL ICE-CREAM MAN...  We live in a historical neighborhood, and the people who live here in the area are great!  There is a man that lives not too far from us, who got very annoyed at the ice-cream truck, and did something about it.  

He found an add somewhere for a "real" ice-cream delivery bike, and drove all the way up to Wisconsin to pick it up.  He has a great selection, and very reasonable prices.  He mostly bikes around the neighborhoods on the weekends, so that is a big help too!  So now, Micah knows that he can wave and watch the truck go by, and does not cry when he can not get something.  We have told him whenever he sees the guy on the bike, he can get something.

So, to my story:  Friday Micah was out playing with his friend Jarod, and his mom and I were out talking, and Micah said, "Mom, I hear the ice-cream man!!!!!!!"  We heard nothing, and it was close to dinner. So, since I "know" that he only comes around on weekends, I knew it was "safe" to say that if he sees him then he can get something.  Not more than 3 minutes later, that guy rides down our street...  I don't know how Micah heard him, he must have special "ice-cream" ears! :-)  All this man uses to let kids know that he is in the area, is a bike horn and a bell.  

Here they are with their treats...


jenn said...

I want one of those bikes. Find out the details for me. It's a great way to exercise and make money.

Abby said...

HI Rebekah!
I have been following your blog and story for a few weeks now. Sorry I haven't commented until now. Honestly after waiting and waiting for the referral it started to feel like it would never happen so I just sat back and read about other people's experiences. I am so glad you have Jonas home and he is doing so well. I think our kids are all really close in you are a busy Mom like me! Although I only have 3 right now at home so I am not as busy as you!

Did you meet Alex when you were at GLA?

Thanks for your sweet comments!!

Heather said...

I love those bikes, they had them in Sault Ste. Marie Ont when I was a kid visiting my grandmother.
Heather Bt