Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Help me find homes for these little girls...


I belong to a yahoo group for families with blind children, and in the fall
there was a post about a 5 yr. old blind girl from Thailand. Wanita is her name. Her adoption
has been paid for by a private donor, and all of her paperwork is done. After a family
would be accepted, she is within 2-4 months of coming to the adoptive family. She had
her 6th birthday in April. I inquired about Wanita, and I have all of her info, and
even pics, videos, health history, etc. I know that we cannot adopt her, though I would take her
in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!! She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl, and she is VERY SMART. She
lives with a nanny, and attends a School for the Blind in Thailand. There is nothing else
physically wrong with her.

There was a family that I know from Fort Wayne that was interested in her, but
they have children younger than her, and the Thai government likes the child not to change
birth order in the adoptive family. Though, I was told by the social worker, that
they would make exceptions for special needs children, like Wanita. It breaks my heart
that she has not found a family!!!!!!!!! The only costs to the adoptive family would be the
travel to go and get her. Everything else is covered!!!!!!!!!

I do not have any info about the other little girl, but I am assuming that it is
a lot like Wanita's case.

Please pass this on to anyone that you think would consider either of these
girls for their family. Blind children become independent adults, and can do anything you and I
can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been blessed to be able to parent 2 blind children, and
I have gotten to "see" the world in a whole new way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join with me in my plight to find homes for these little girls...

New orphans –blind, age 6, girls from Asia. Financial Help available

I work at a non-profit adoption agency and I just came back from
visiting these two girls and would be happy to talk with you about
them. Please let us know if you would like to see their photos and
medical information. There is no obligation to request their
information. Please ask about financial aid.

The rules to adopt from this country: You are able to adopt these
children if you've been married at least two years and are 25 years
of age or older. It is preferred that you have no more than two
children already in your home. Older couples may apply to adopt these
children. Single woman will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please contact FamilyFinders@... to see their photos, video and
information on these children. 1-800-732-1887.WACAP( is
a non-profit adoption agency.

L. girl age 6 1/2 blind..
L likes to sit in your lap, hug and cuddle. She loves music and
sings her own songs she has composed with a very sweet voice. L has
very limited sight in one of her eyes when the object is very close.
Her other eye is a prosthetic. She is a good eater even though many
of her teeth need dental work. Her teacher says she is smart and very
curious. She communicates well and has very clear speech. She is able
to count to 20 and passed all her tests to enter the school for the
blind. She is able to eat, dress, put on her shoes alone and visit
the restroom independently. She also helps her teacher put away toys
and gets along well with other children in her group. She smiles a
lot and laughs especially when bouncing on the big exercise ball.
Her adoption fee has been subsidized significantly and there is a no-
interest loan available. Please ask for ID number 2674
W girl age. 6 blind. (Wanita)
W is a very bright girl that is blind. She is very outgoing,
confident and polite and sweet. She likes to tell stories about her
friends at school. She is very social and had many friends. Beading
is one of her favorite activity and she is fast at beading and needed
no help at all. She also can ride a tricycle. She puts on her shoes
by herself, visits the bathroom on her own, and brushes her teeth
by herself. She is learning Braille at school. The teacher described
her as very clever and smart. She sings songs she creates herself and
has a very sweet voice. She likes to be lifted up and spun around as
well as jumping on a small trampoline with her friends. She enjoyed
sitting on my lap at the same time as two of her friends.
No Adoption fees- they have already been donated ID number 2275

Thank-you Lynne Mason

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