Monday, June 30, 2008

In honor of Louna "Camesise"...

This little girl got to go home to France this past week. I have been in love with Camesise since the first time I saw her picture on the GLA website. Whenever we would go up to the nursery, she would run up to me and literally crawl up me to hold her. I would take her up to the balcony with me to play. This little girl knows what she wants, and will do great things in France when she grows up. Anne-Cecile, if you are reading: I am so glad that you have your little girl home with you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anne-Cécile said...

Thanks !! Louna Camesise has been in France for only a few days and she's doing great. She's adapting so quickly, that's incredible !!
GLA is such a great place for our kids !
Anne-Cécile and Louna Camesise