Monday, October 27, 2008

My thumb...

So, I tried to cut the top of my thumb off tonight at work!!! Not really on purpose, but I almost succeeded in this task I never set out to do.

I was cutting mat board for a student who was in a car wreck this week and has a broken collar bone. I don't know how I did it, but the exacto knife slipped somehow, and I cut into the inside of my left thumb; even cutting into a portion of my finger nail...OUCH!!!!!!!!!

No stitches though... The doctor at Redi-Med was Indian and very holistic, so he wanted to see if he could get the skin to adhere with a pressure bandage. I was so thankful for his philosophy of medicine, because I did not want a needle in the tip of my thumb to numb it! He would have had to stitch into my nail bed... OUCH--once again.

So, he got it to stop bleeding, even though he thinks that I cut through a small artery in my thumb. It is bandaged up, and has a funny looking splint on the top of it. I will take a pic and post it tomorrow.

I am off to take some advil and get some sleep!


Phyl said...

I'm sorry! I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

One Crowded House said...

oh yikes- that makes my stomach flip flop just thinking about it!

Sarah Amick said...

You know, don't you think that even the smallest cuts on fingers (this doesn't sound small though) hurt the worst? It think that it is all the nerves and the extra usage we get out of our hands that makes cuts hurt so bad there. Hope it heals without anything else going wrong. At least you don't lick your wounds and they have to stick one of those satelite things around your neck!!!!