Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holding on to Summer...

Yes, Fall has "officially" been here since September 22nd. I am totally in denial about this, as I LOVE summer!!! I love EVERYTHING about summer: swimming, vacations, grilling, not bundling up the kids, vacations, 80-85 degree days, warm summer nights, more hours of daylight, did I say vacations :-), popsicles, ice-cream, playing outside all day long, wearing less clothing, sunlight, festivals, parades, the great feeling of the sun on my skin.... I really could go on and on!!! I will not bore you though... :-)

In honor of Summer, I put a new song on my playlist. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with my blog! :-) It just always makes me feel happy when I hear it on the radio, and I always want to roll my windows down when it comes on. So, in the middle of winter, if you are ever feeling like you cannot take another grey, freezing, cold day: Just pop over to my blog, and hopefully this song will put you in a warm sandy place! :-)

God is "working with me" this week: tomorrow should be in the high 60's, and Thursday and Friday will be in the low to mid 70's. I will be soaking in all of these warm days, because I know that colder days are just around the corner. And, if you are from Indiana, you know that weather can change with the drop of a hat.

Here are some memories from this summer. I wanted to add more, but photobucket limited me to 50 images... :-)

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Laurie said...

LOVE the song and LOVE the slideshow. It just made me happy checking your blog tonight! :)