Sunday, October 12, 2008

Al...This is for you... :-)

Before playing the video, remember to mute the 'blog music'.

Allison Garwood lives in California, and is adopting a little, chubby, smoochy, lion from the orphanage where Jonas lived: God's Littlest Angels Orphanage.

After reading Al's post today, I knew we needed to do something special for her! Al loves Hannah's videos, and so we decided to cheer her and Reed up with a little "Hannah humor"... Al, I know this will not fix anything, but hopefully it will make you and Reed laugh!?

Sorry that the video is dark, we just used the MAC camera mounted in the computer...


Big Al, the gal said...

I'm speechless. But never for long.

Okay. First of all, I am writing to American Idol because the world must know of Hannah.

Second, thank you so much for the songs!!! We were smiling super big and laughing.

Third, next time I ABSOLUTELY want to hear the song about the lion attacking the bird. Hannah, I am just as dark and morbid as you are. We are soul sisters!

Fourth, your sweet prayer brought tears (happy tears) to both Reed's and my eyes.

God bless you and your Mommy. The two of you are super fantastic angel from heaven friends.

Reed and I love you!!!
-Al (and Reed)... (and Luc too)

Greg's Wife said...

Well that was so stinkin' sweet I am crying. Bless you guys for making this video for Allison. I know it brought a smile to her face in a dark hour!

Cheryl said...

Great job Hannah and Rebekah!! Abby and Isaac loved watching you sing, Hannah. See you in a few weeks!

One Crowded House said...

so sweet, it made me laugh and cry :)

BSC said...

We love Hannah videos too. She is so cute. I love how you have to censor her "funny" songs. Keep singing, Hannah.


Erin & The Boys said...

So cute! I am glad I got to see this and get to know Hannah a little better. She has such a sweet voice and is a very caring little girl.