Monday, July 7, 2008

Very curious...

I am semi-new to the cyber world of blogging. I just started this blog in February. I know some of you that frequent the blog, but I would love to know "who else" visits this blog. So I have some idea of "who" I am communicating with. I looked at my sight-meter tonight, and saw that people from all over the world are reading. I am just very curious as to who "you" are!

Hopefully I am not boring you all with the posts. Originally this blog was intended to keep family and friends informed about our adoption, and it has turned into something larger. It has turned into a cyber scrapbook and journal, that my kids can look back on in the years to come. I also want readers to have a glimpse into our family, to see that raising children with special needs can be "normal". Maybe even inspire some of you to take that step of faith and adopt a child with special needs. This blog has also proven to be therapeutic for me as well. Just to be able to write my thoughts out, and read them back to myself is great therapy!!!


Just click on "comments" below, and type who you are and where you live.


4 lads for me said...

Just me, you know me and where I live! Haha! I love your blog girlie! :)

Burgette Family said...

This is Angie Burgette (Derek's wife). I check your blog at least every other day! It is wonderful to see how God is using you and Ryan, and your kids are just amazing!Keep up the good work, God has really blessed you all!

Anonymous said...

I am a stay at home mom from Canada.I saw Jonas' picture when
he was available for adoption-
I love seeing how he is doing now!

stephanie said...

Hello this is Stephanie Mueller from Westfield. Thanks again for our talk the other night. You inspire me to continue on with searching for care for Sendy and others in the future. Maybe we will work together in the future on some kids. I would like to continue hosting children if you ever have anyone eles at St.V. I might even start a blog when Sendy ever gets here!

stephanie said...

Hey you inspired me to start a blog. I love to read many other blogs of families doing work in Haiti too, so I did it.
check out


stephanie garcia said...

Stephanie in Chile ... adopting Ian and Alec from Haiti!

4 lads for me said...

Since I came back, for a second time today---I thought I would say hey, I am Widline's mom! hehe At least for now! ;)

Abby said...

I am Abby from Ellensburg. I "met" you on the GLA board.

Susan Westwood said...

Rebekah, I found your blog on GLA's yahoo group. I will be going to Haiti to serve with their medical ministry next month. Where I come from (Scotland), internatinal adoption is quite rare.I began lurking aroud your blog because I was curious. I am still lurking because I am inspired by what I see!

God Bless xx

Beka said...

Well, you know that I read your blog and very often. :-)

Tina said...

Mom of 5 (2 adopted), defender of orphans, and director/manager of Bethel USA (support Bethel China) and therefore a friend of Angelina! I know this is an OLD post, but I started reading your blog today to find out a little bit about Chun Yan's family,and could not stop! (it is midnight). Blessings to you guys!!

Tina Martin
Amarillo, TX
wife to Steve
mom to Ryan 21, Katie 15 (Jiaozuo!), Tyler 14, Jake 11, and Mia (Guizhou)