Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Learning to feed himself...

Jonas is making new developmental strides daily!!! He has went from only eating things the consistancy of baby food six weeks ago, to now eating bites of sandwiches, meat, fruit, and many other things. He also is now holding his sippy cup by himslef to drink. Just this week I started working with him on picking up pieces of food and trying to get him to feed himself. Of course, before I pulled out the video camera, he successfully picked up a couple of puffs and fed them to himself. He just amazes me with everything that he is doing and learning!

Yesterday, before I was going to give him a bottle, and he knew I was getting one ready, he started saying, "ba, ba, ba, ba...

Here is a video of Jonas attempting to feed himself... (Remember to pause the music at the bottom of my blog first.)

Some of the things that I am saying to him in Creole are:

-Hold your food with your fingers, and put it in your mouth.
-Don't play with your food.
-Eat it.
-The food fell.
-Open your mouth to eat.

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