Friday, July 18, 2008

Asian or Haitian???

So, Jonas and I were at the doctor this morning, and I had the funniest, bizarre, interesting, conversation with another mother.  Really, people just need to get out more, or watch the news...

To preface this, she is a mother of a biracial child.  She and another mother were saying how cute Jonas was, and how big he was, etc.  Then, the one woman said, "My other son has darker skin like him. (meaning Jonas)  I know she wanted to ask me if he was my biological child, but just felt uncomfortable asking.  So, I went on to say that he is Haitian, and we just adopted him from Haiti about 2 months ago.  

This is where it gets good... :-)  She said, "He's Asian?"  "No", I said, "He's Haitian."  She said, "What's that?"  (Are people really this uneducated???)  I said, "He is from the country of Haiti, which is about 600 miles off the tip of Florida."  I could tell she still did not know where I was talking about, and just politely said, "Oh..., well he is very blessed that you got him."  

I was cracking up on the inside thinking, "Asian, well no resemblance there, but okay..."  I wonder what she would have said had I told her that indeed he is Asian?  That could have been even a more interesting conversation!!!!!!!!! lol..... :-)

Sorry about the blogging break....  We were up at Ryan's parents' lake cottage in Michigan for a 3 days, and there is not internet connection there.  I will be posting 4th of July pics, lake pics, and funny pics of Luca today at lunch.... (later--hopefully tonight)


stephanie garcia said...

I will let you know what I find out about the Botox. Here is a link to a post I wrote about Isabel's CP not too long ago. Most of the research I have done is through the Internet. Along the way, we did learn that you really need to push and advocate for what you know your child needs. We've been to doctors only one time and said we're never going back, and others we've loved from the first visit on! But I am sure I preaching to the choir! (:

Judy Crawford said...

I am afraid to tell you...People ARE that uneducated.

I am glad you laughed it off.

I am enjoying your blogging entries.

Anonymous said...

LOL! People ask what happened to my daughters eye. I say "She was born without a left eye and her right eye is small and doesn't work. That one you see in the left eye now is just a prosthetic." More than a few people ask "well, can she see out of it now?"
....."ummmm, no, its just plastic".
"Can they do anything for it?"
LOL. They think cause it looks real it must work. It doesn't surprise me at all that someone is that uneducated. I had an arguement with a friend that yes, West Virginia is, in fact, a state. -Sherry (BVI board)