Saturday, April 26, 2008

Micah and The Missing Tooth...

Do you want to know what Micah is doing right now as I type? Finding a lost tooth. That's right, Hannah lost her first tooth today. So, we set it up on the counter to put under her pillow tonight, so the tooth fairy would bring her a new braille book. So, how do I know that Micah lost her tooth???

This is how the conversation went... I was upstairs painting the trim on our windows in our bedroom, and Micah came in to talk to me. We were talking, and then he said, "Mom, it's okay that Hannah's tooth is lost, because she will lose another one." I said, I know it's okay, because people loose teeth all of the time." I wasn't sure if he thought the lost tooth was going to be lonely not being in her mouth anymore, or what. (Micah is very compassionate) He then said, "It's okay that "I" lost her tooth, because she can give her next tooth to the tooth fairy." Then, I turned away from painting, and said, "Micah, did you mess with Hannah's tooth?" He said, "Well, I was just holding it here, and I didn't mean to drop it." I went down stairs to see if the tooth was truly missing, and it was. Oh, I was so mad! I sent Micah too his room for a few minutes, and told him that he was not aloud out of our room until he came to me with a tooth." That was 15 minutes ago, and the tooth is still missing...

He told me that we should cut the rug (carpet), so it would be easier for him to find Hannah's tooth. I said, "No, we are not cutting the carpet! You just need to keep your hands off things that do not belong to you!"


Alas, the tooth fairy can come tonight...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A boy or a girl.....

Luca is always mistaken for a girl!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care how much like a boy he is dressed, people always say, "She is so BEAUTIFUL!" This makes Micah REALLY MAD! He always corrects people, and says, "Luca is a boy, not a girl." So, the other day I had to take Micah to Riley for appointments, and I dropped Luca off at my Mom's house for the day. We were in a hurry, so I forgot to pack clothes for him. This is how he was dressed when I got back. I added the clip in the hair, but in these pics we have a BEAUTIFUL little girl! :-) Soon, I will post the evolution of his hair from birth to now. He has already had about 15 hair cuts, and the curls are still here. YEAH!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do I look pretty mommy?

This is the question I came home to a couple weeks ago. I was out running some errands, and when I came home, Hannah came to me right away to ask this question. I noticed something on her face and asked her about it, and all she could do is laugh. Through her giggles, she managed to tell me that she had gotten into my makeup, and put mascara on herself. She then asked, "Does my makeup look pretty?" I said, "Oh Hannah, you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!" She was very proud of herself! (For those of you that may not know, Hannah has been blind since birth.) For her to explore like this and put makeup on herself, was a VERY PROUD day for her momma! Hannah, Ryan, and I had the best laugh together about this! And yes, I definitely took pictures...

Pray for PEACE in Haiti...

I got news from our agency yesterday that the Mayor of Kenscoff wants to go down to Immigration himself to get Jonas's passport. He feels that he will have more pull than the worker from the Orphanage. I love that this man is willing to go out of his way to help Jonas! God is at work... I doubt that we will get any word this week, because of all of the rioting in Port-au-Prince. Food has went up about 40% in the past year, and even the people with some money are finding it hard to afford food! Some of the demonstrators even broke through the Palace gates. The rumor going around Haiti is that the rioters want to burn down the President's Palace on Friday. People are hungry and starving, and food donated from other nations just sits in the ports rotting, due to coruption, and EXTREMELY high taxes put on the food to release it from the docks.


Here is an update from the orphanage director yesterday:

Dixie just sent out this update on what is currently happening in Haiti. Please keep this country in your prayers, especially at this time.

The situation in the last few days has increasing gotten worse in Port-au-Prince. The price of food has sky rocketed in the last 4 months. Gasoline is now $5.93 USD per gallon which has caused taxi fares to also increase. For the average person and even those of us blessed with donations, day to day life is difficult. Our food bill has increased by 1/3 or more.

Over the weekend, rioting started in outlying cities and yesterday we had some in Port-au-Prince. Today, the crowds broke the gates to the Civil Court building and also to the Palace. They are breaking store windows and stealing things out of stores. They are burning tires in the streets and breaking windshields on cars.

All government buildings are closed. We tried taking papers to the courts but the court clerk told us not to come. Our son, Mark, had gone to school in PAP before the rioting started. Our driver picked him up at noon due to the problems. They had trouble finding a safe route home.

Mark just talked to one of his school friends on the phone and they are blocked at a market in the city and crowds just broke a window in the car next to them.

I told my staff that they would get more sympathy if they had mothers marching with their starving children! This violence does not help food prices nor make any sense to the rest of the world!

We foresee tomorrow being much of the same. We do not see the courts or Immigration being open.

So far, it seems quiet in our area. There is some road blocks on the mountain road but not as far up as we live.

Please pray for all of our staff and the babies that everyone will be safe. Pray for Haiti and that food costs will decrease so mothers can feed their children.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

You know you're an adoptive parent if...

1. The fact that there are 143 million children
without a parent to kiss them goodnight has made you lose sleep.
2. You realize DNA has nothing to do with love & family.
3. You can't watch Adoption Stories on TLC without sobbing.
4. The fact that, if 7% of Christians adopted 1 child
there would be no orphans in the world, is convicting to you.
5. You spend free time surfing blogs about families
who've experienced the blessing of adoption.
6. It drives you crazy when people ask you
about adopted child's "real" parents.
7. You've been "pregnant" with your adoptive child longer
than it takes an elephant to give birth.(2 years!)
8. You had no idea how you would afford to adopt,
but stepped out in faith anyway, knowing He would provide. (& He does!)
9. You've taken an airplane half-way around the world
with a child you just met.
10. You believe God's heart's for adoption.
11. You realize that welcoming a child into your heart & family
is one of the most important legacies you could ever leave on this earth.
12. You know what the word "Dossier" means
& you can actually pronounce it correctly!
13. You have welcomed a social worker into
the most private parts of your life.
14. You shudder when people say your child's so lucky that you adopted them,
knowing full well you're the blessed one to have him or her in your life.