Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jonas's Adoption is FINAL...

Finally, after 2.5 years of Jonas living with us; his adoption was final on National Adoption Day: November 19, 2010. It is soooooo nice to have that chapter of our lives closed... His Haitian name was Wendjylove Brice and his official American name is Jonas Wendel Brice Hubley. Here are some pics from that amazing day. And... if I can say so myself, though I know I am very biased, he is the most handsome 4 year old Haitian boy in his little suit!!! :-) I think he resembles a young Denzel Washington in some of his pics. I wish so bad that his momma could share in this joy too and see how amazing he is doing. She will someday... if I can do anything about it... ;-)
(all of the pics are in reverse order for some reason, and I don't feel like fighting blogger today... :-)