Sunday, August 8, 2010


While Rebekah and Ryan are in China getting their beautiful and long-awaited daughter (finally!), Jane and I have been chilling with the rest of the Hubley clan. It's been crazy fun- we started out by going to MI for 3 days for the annual GLA reunion where the kids got to play with friends from all over the states, and even from different countries! We went to a potluck, a reunion, play-world, a park, the pool, and the beach all in 2 days... and the kids were troopers the whole trip. On the way back to Indy today we stopped at the beach in South Haven where Jane's family was staying and took a few planned pics (featured below). Unfortunately it was cold- so we didn't do any swimming as we had hoped, just some wave-chasing and rock-finding. We are happy to be back in the familiarity our temporary home and the kids were so ready to get home by the end of our road trip. It was the perfect time away to distract the kids from Mom and Dad leaving... but Jonas especially was ready to get back. Got some pics of the temporary fam- these are for Rebekah and Ryan ;)

We are getting a glimpse into life with 4 kids, and having fun every day while trying to make the kids forget that mom and dad are missing... these aren't easy shoes to fill but it sure is fun trying! The kids are so excited talking about mom and dad and their new sister coming home!

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Nancy said...

This is CLASSIC!! Great job ladies, I'm sure Rebekah and Ryan are so glad to see these kiddos are in such good hands!