Friday, March 19, 2010


We are soooooooo excited for tonight!!! The Matilda Jane Fundraiser is going to be GREAT!!! There are so many people coming, and some from out of state. I just heard from one of my roommates from college the other day: She lives in Toledo, OH and she and her daughter are coming. AMAZING!!!!!!! A couple other friends and their daughter are driving clear from Detroit, MI. Thanks guys!!!!!

Also, I was so scared, worried, nervous, etc., about the Film Producer being here. Well, it has been amazing! I picked him up from the airport on Wednesday and I feel like I have known the guy forever. Yesterday we did a lot of filming while I was editing photos on the computer, and I told him that it felt like I had just gotten 3 hours of therapy. It is amazing how just talking about certain situations and feelings and how I feel about things; is very therapeutic. I am going to miss Vince when he goes. :-) He will be back maybe one more time before we go to China, and then we are all going to China together.

Thank goodness we all clique, or it would be a very LOOOOOONG trip to China and back.

If you think about it, please pray for Ryan and I. This is a lot of responsibility that has been given to us, doing this documentary. We are representing a lot of things, and we want to be true and always honest about ourselves and our faith. Without our faith in God, we would not be doing these things today. Please pray for boldness and honesty, and that everything that we do and say would glorify God!!!!!!!!!!!



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