Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matilda Jane Extravaganza...

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You read it right, a Matilda Jane Trunk Show Fundraiser. I am SO EXCITED!!! I had never heard of Matilda Jane Clothing until this past November/December. The amazing thing is this; the designer lives less than 5 minutes from my house! Who knew that Fort Wayne was home to such an amazing artist and clothes designer???

So, I went to my first trunk show in December at a friend's house. I fell in love with the clothing and I got Hannah something with her Christmas $. Hannah LOVES her Matilda Jane Clothes!!! They are all different fabrics, buttons, colors, details galore, and oh so comfortable. The week of Christmas I got a box in the mail from Matilda Jane and thought it was the Velma Velour's that I ordered for Hannah. I opened it up late that night only to find about 8-10 different coordinating outfits for Hannah and Angelina (Chun Yan). How did this happen? How did they know about Angelina??? I was so confused. I did not have Hannah with me at the party, but I went on and on about how she would love these clothes. When I left, my friend Beth told the Trunk Keeper about our China adoption and Angelina. So The Trunk Keeper, Sara, told Sam at Matilda Jane about our family and that is how we got all of these amazing clothes for Hannah and Angelina. (I am pretty sure this is how it all went down... :-) Here are some of the clothes that the girls got (and certain things like the sparkle town pink shirt, black velvet pants, and the pink leggings; we got 2 for Hannah and Angelina) Amazing...huh...:

So, to say all of this... I was excited to have my own Trunk Show! My goal of the Trunk Show was to be able to get Hannah and Angelina coordinating outfits to wear home from China. That way, 4 pieces could make multiple outfits since they wear the same size,and most everything mixes and matches. But, the week before my show all of us were puking and there was no way for the show to go on...

Okay, bear with me...THIS IS WHERE IT GETS CRAZY!!! :-)

The week before we started puking, I get an e-mail from Bethel: Where Chun Yan (Angelina) lives, wondering if we would be willing to be in a video for Bethel. We said sure, just thinking it would be for their website or something...

Little did we know that we had just signed up for a full fledge documentary on Bethel... They had already been following Angelina around for about 3 weeks when they contacted us. So, will you see this documentary??? Yes, you will... Next fall it will be released to Sun Dance and Tri Becca Film festivals and then it will be released for TV. The producer is coming to our house next week for 3 days and they will be filming at the fundraiser. This is so crazy, I cannot believe that I am typing this!!!

Once I knew that I had to cancel my trunk show, due to puking, I started thinking... The producer wanted us to do something when he is here filming to get ready for China. What were we supposed to do? We wouldn't pack that soon; filming us all day would be boring; so I thought about a fundraiser. Then, I thought about Matilda Jane, and through the course of some e-mails, we now are having our Matilda Jane Trunk Show Fundraiser. It is amazing how God works all of the details out! One of the girls from Bethel, Calliandra--one of Angelina's friends, is even going to be here the night of the fundraiser. They are coming down from Michigan. I can't wait... have I said that yet??? ;-)

So, if you live in the area and follow this blog, come and join us for a night to celebrate adoption, Angelina, and some amazingly awesome clothes!!! When do you get to come to a party and the Designer is the host? I have gotten to meet Denise Demarchis once, and she is great! I love creative people, being an artist myself, and I love hanging out with people whose minds are constantly filling up with things that need created. She has no formal training in clothing design, she is just an amazingly gifted person with ideas filling her brain, and she was not afraid to take a risk. Thus, came the inception of Matilda Jane Clothing and now we all get to enjoy these amazing works of art.

I know there are some families in the Fort Wayne area that have adopted or are adopting from China right now. Please come and join us... Anyone is welcome, just let me know if you are going to attend so I can make sure there is enough to eat and drink.

If you can't attend the party, but you would like to order something; just let me know and I will fill out an order for you and it will go towards our China adoption. 25% of all proceeds will go to our travel expenses. Please still come even if you cannot order anything at this time! It is going to be a great night to remember!!!

Here are the details:

Date: March 19, 2010
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Location: Denise Demarchis's house (The Designer of Matilda Jane Clothing)
**If you are wanting to come, let me know and I will give you the address and directions to her house**

(Here is just a sneak peak of Denise's pure designing genius!!!)


One Crowded House said...

that is so cool! can't wait to see the documentary!

Abby said...

Soooo very cool Rebecca!! Those clothes are so cute!! I wish I lived near you!

Gwen said...

FUN, FUN!!! I wish I lived near you, so I could come join in on all he fun!!
The clothes are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see Hannah and Angelina in their beautiful outfits!!

Momto15 said...

So exciting! The clothes are all so cute. can't wait to see the documentary!!! :)

stephanie garcia said...

Oh my goodness, WOW!! That is so amazing and exciting!!