Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pray for Haiti tonight: It is going to be COLD!!!

Here is an update from Dixie at GLA: Pray for Haiti, it is rainy and VERY COLD FOR HAITI. These people are in Colman tents, at best: pray that they can huddle together and stay warm. I am such a fair weather camper: I hate to camp in the rain! This is not a choice for a lot of people in Haiti anymore, this is their new REALITY! Thank God tonight for your warm house and plenty of blankets...
Quiet Day at GLA
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It continued to rain all day and is still raining now! The weather in Port-au-Prince is the same as here. The low temperature tonight is supposed to be 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21C) in Port-au-Prince. That is cold for Haiti. Cold and Rainy! Here at GLA, it is about 20 degrees cooler than in Port-au-Prince, so it will get to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. That is 10 Celsius. Yikes! That is COLD for here! Up in Kenscoff, it will be in the low 40’s. I do not know what is going on with this weather! Please pray for the people without shelter and blankets. They have to be freezing down in the tent cities.

I am freezing sitting here writing this note. I am really thankful to have my warm little lap top on my legs keeping them warm! You have to remember that our homes have no heat and are very open. The houses are mainly nothing but ceramic tiles and cement, so they stay cool in the heat. But it means they are awfully cold in this type of weather too!

I finally got to take a nap late this afternoon and missed supper again! It felt good to get some extra sleep and I hope to get to bed early tonight. One good thing about it being so cold is I sleep better when it is cool and not hot. I love putting an extra blanket on the bed and being nice and warm but having my face cool. Makes me think I am back in Illinois where the winters are so cold!

Someone asked me if I missed winter and I said NO WAY! I do not miss scraping my windows on the car every morning. I do not miss the winter storms and the blowing snow. And I definitely, do not miss having to put the kids into snow suits before going outside. Can you imagine 150 kids being put in snowsuits every day? Not me! Gives me an upset stomach just thinking about it!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I pray that the Lord gives you a special day!

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