Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GLA Fundraiser...

So, most of you know that I am a photographer, but I actually graduated college with a BA in Graphic Design. I just have used my photography WAY MORE than any designing. So, when the opportunity arises to use my design skills, it is always a lot of fun.

So, for the GLA fundraiser, I was in charge of designing the tickets, posters, and postcards for the event. Selah and Avalon will be doing a private concert just to benefit GLA. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE Selah so I am so pumped to be within driving distance to go to the concert. John and Dixie will be there too, and the next day will be the Haiti gathering. So, it will be a great weekend.

The beautiful subject in the poster is Bo Watson, more than likely. He has an identical twin brother, Noah, but Laurie is pretty sure that this is Bo. They are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! I took a bunch of pics of them when I went to get Jonas at GLA, and I had to use this one for the poster. There is so much purity and innocence about the photo. No clothes--I LOVE SKIN-- (they had just got done playing in the 'pool'.), just beautiful chocolate brown skin, and amazing facial features!!! I love those boys... they are a hoot!!!

So, if you are anywhere near MI, November 13th, come on out and enjoy a night that will benefit GLA!!!

(Here are a couple other pics of the boys that day...) Just moments before these pics they were all smiles, having a blast in the water. We had to take them out because one of them pooped in the water... so, I was not their favorite person... :-) If you read Laurie's blog at all, you will know that poop has been a theme for them lately...they had A LOT of buggers in their bellies!!!


Kelly V said...

looks AWESOME bekah!!!!

(obviously) i will be there, but this is an awesome opportunity for ANYONE to support a good cause!

Gwen said...

LOVE, LOVE it!!!
You have a LOT of fun stuff going on now!!! : )

Tracy said...

The Watson boys live around the corner from us! They are sooo cute! Great photos you posted of them!

Courtney Kay said...

this was right by me! I love all the work you are doing!