Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest update from Dixie (GLA)...1-18-10

Here is the latest from Jonas's orphanage:

18 January 2010 10:45 PM

Is it ever going to get better? The day starts at 6 AM and ends at Midnight every day! I do not mind the long days, but pile high stress on top of that and it is too much! Everybody forgets to eat because we are so busy! Every country where we do adoptins wants scanned documents before they will approve the children to enter their country and we need to email them ASAP! Scanning documents here is not easy. Making photocopies of 800 documents take a long time! Stephanie, Melanie, and Amanda have worked so hard on getting documents pulled and copied or scanned and have worked two solid days and need a third day before they will all be done!

I was interviewed by CNN news again this morning. I think it went fairly well and I was given enough time to tell about the need to get the children to their families. The US, as usual, issued a statement about allowing children to come to the US and it is long and detailed and confusing! We just want to know can all children in process go??? I think they can but will find out when we get to the US embassy with the documents!

Today has been hard. I am tired and "fussy". I have no patience with passive people today. I want people talking to me that are on fire to get these kids out like we do! If you cannot fight for the children, please do not call me right now! See, I AM REALLY "fussy" tonight!

The Dutch plane comes tomorrow to take 100 children to the Netherlands. We mst be down at the airport early. We then will wait for a flight bringing in some relief supplies. We are very thankful that supplies are coming. A couple of other orphanages are coming to share in the donated goods. They are almost out of food.

We also heard today about an orphange with 60 children in it south of Port-au-Prince that collapsed and the children were killed. So much suffering and misery! The devastation runs from Port-au-Prince clear to Jacmel! The media is not showing you that far south yet, but it is bad. I do not know if we will ever know how many people died from this. People are still dying from their injuries!

We also heard of another orphanage with 80 children where the orphanage was destroyed and the children are all living outside. they are running out of food and water. We will try to get some to them as soon as possible. People have been so good about donating. We are thankful to have some funds to help community that is suffering!

I must go to bed. I need to be up early again. We have all promised ourselves a couple of days of sleeping in when this has settled down! And we are going to do it, too!

And Life in Haiti goes on...

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