Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest update from Dixie (GLA)...

14 January 2010 11:55 PM

It's really 12:40 AM but I didn't want everyone to think I did not blog on the 14th! I know that I wrote something earlier but it is NOT here! The web site monsters must have eaten it, because it has disappeared!

Today, I just want to cry! I just want to crawl into a corner and curl up for awhile. I may just have a good cry later...I think I deserve it! My hands have shook all day from stress. All of my staff said the same thing today. I think the shock is wearing off and the stress of surviving and keeping the children safe is taking its toil on all of us. The stories and photos we are seeing is so sad. Our staff has lost lots of family members. Our cook said he had 11 families members who died! Some of staff has not come to work. We are fearful for them. They live on the side of a hill in Port au Prince. Another staff member said that most of the houses in this area are collapsed. Please pray for these people. Especially for Madeleine and her family.

I finally got sleep last night and even slept through a big aftershock at 7 AM this morning. I was tired! My day started early and I have not stopped all day long. Phone calls, skype conferences, and just running the orphanage has been more than enough work today.

I think the news people will now go on to stories of things down in the city. We were their only contact in Haiti for 48 hours almost. Now they have crews of journalist arrive and they are going down in the midst of things to get first hand reports. Maybe we can stop talking on the phone now and return to our work!

Members of our US and Canadian board are coordinating relief efforts and donations are being collected to bring supplies into Haiti for the orphanage and surround area. A chartered plane is coming in on Monday with some volunteers and some supplies. We are struggling to take care of all of the babies since many of the workers have not come to work.

The international efforts will of course be centered down in the worst areas but there are people who lost their homes and family members around us. We will focus our relief efforts up here in the mountains for now and bring food, water, and also help rebuild homes here. We will also be preparing to take in more orphans as needed.

Our families from Canada, Holland, and Luxembourg are all being airlifted out of Haiti. We took the Canadian family to the airport tonight to catch a French flight. They missed that flight but the airport personell said for them to stay and they would get them on a flight out of Haiti. The rest of the families will leave tomorrow.

We continue to have aftershocks. Will it never stop shaking??? When I told my staff that they might last up to a month, they all moaned and said "NO!". They do not like them either! As I am writing this , my desk is shaking! I HATE THESE AFTERSHOCKS! I said after the hurricane that I thought that was the WORST thing and I never wanted to live through that again, but I think an earthquake has now become my number 1 least liked thing!!!!

Well, it is 1:10 AM and I need to go to bed! If you want to see some earthquake photos that Laurie took downtown, keep checking . I just do not have time to add them to our web site PLUS we have had so many visitors to the web site that it keeps going down! So Tom Vanderwell will put them on the blog for me. You can thank Tom for finally getting these to you. I have had good intentions since Wednesday to get them posted!

I want to thank everyone who has posted on my facebook and written me emails. Even if I do not answer, know that I am reading everyone and it means a lot to know that you want to help and are praying for us. It truly does mean a lot to me! I also am very thankful for all of the donations that have come through Paypal and through the Blog site for the Haiti Relief Fund. It is a little overwhelming to think of the outpouring of funds to help the children and those effected by this disaster! Thank you!

God is good. He has protected us and we all praise him. Our nannies sing about their love of Jesus. They sing of His goodness and faithfulness. I feel so blessed to be here at this time and having the nannies minister to me through song and their total reliance on God! Makes me feel humble. I do not know if I would do as well in their shoes...

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