Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Presidential Dispensation...

This is what we are waiting for to move forward with Jonas's adoption. Without the President's signature on our dossier, we are just sitting in a holding pattern.

Here is the latest adoption news from GLA. Hopefully our file will be signed out soon. We went into dispensation in November 2008. I think they have had enough time to look our file over...don't you think!!! :-)

Adoption News
17 March 2008

Good News today! One of our dossiers received a dispensation! Hopefully, this is just the first of many that will signed in the next few weeks. We heard that there are around 200 dossiers waiting for dispensation and so far 19 have been given dispensations in the last 2 weeks. I really need my families to be praying that our dossiers will be given the dispensations needed in the next few weeks and that they can then move on to Parquet.

We only have a couple of dossiers in Parquet. Parquet is signing dossiers quickly as soon as we bring the biological parents in for their interview. Parquet is requiring us to bring the parents in. I know that some orphanages are not taking all of their parents in but it is supposed to be required for everyone and we want to make sure and do this right. The US Embassy especially is checking to see that the orphanages are doing what is required.

MOI has returned to taking about 3 months to get the authorization to print the passports. It had gone down to 6 weeks but since Christmas has taken more time. If they could do them in 6 weeks before Christmas why is it taken twice that amount of time now?

Our lawyer said that someone from the French Embassy made inquiries with all of the different sections of Haitian government concerning adoptions and why it was taking so long. She was acted like the government did not think the process was so long but I told her that I am HAPPY that someone finally is stepping in and making inquiries of why IBESR is taking more than a year to approve some dossiers, Parquet was taking more than 6 months, MOI more than 3 months! That is way too long for an adoption is ANY country! Thank you, French Embassy personel!

I would like to ask everyone to pray for adoptions in Haiti every morning for the next month and ask God to take control of the situation and put the children and their needs first!

Please pray with me that these files get signed out and that these children get to go home in 2009!!!


Laurie said...

That is hopeful! The power of prayer is amazing and having everyone praying at the same time each day will move mountains! Was the one that got signed anyone from the yahoo group? (I don't check it)

Rebekah Hubley said...


It was Josianne's dossier. She was at GLA when your boys were there. I think she was 4-5 when she was there and she is deaf/blind. She is in the States on a MV. Dixie was so thankful to have her's signed out, so she does not risk having to go back to Haiti. Dixie has a prayer/praise group on FB now. I don't know how much you do FB, but you can join since your kiddos are home. It is good insight to what goes on there and beyond.

Tracy said...

Waiting right there with you! Thanks for that update...I haven't heard even a whisper or rumor in such a long time! Gives us hope!