Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snow Anyone???

Luca LOVES the snow!!! But, it has either been too cold for him to go out with Micah, or I cannot go out with him, because of Jonas and Hannah wanting to stay in; so often he watches from the window. Saturdays are usually good days to out and play because Ryan is home. But, he is finishing up his Masters in a few weeks, and his classes are every other Saturday. These past few weeks he has gone every Saturday, so Luca has not gotten out much.

One of the blogs that I read, Mck Mamma, they live up North somewhere where it is REALLY COLD. So, sometimes she brings the snow inside to either the sink or the bathtub. GENIOUS!!!! Why have I never thought of this before??? So, we tried it and it was a HUGE HIT!!! These pics are a couple weeks old, but never the less, adorable. I love that he insisted on still wearing his mittens... And look, he is clothed... We are making progress!!! :-)


Laurie said...

I saw that idea on Mck Mama's blog too! I wish we had enough snow to bring inside, and I may try the same thing. Looks like it was a huge hit! What could be better than playing with snow while still being inside the warm house?!

By the way, did I comment that I love the haircut?

pinkdaisyjane said...

G-e-n-i-u-s!! Thank you for sharing!