Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No NEVER...Not LUCA...

Sorry for blogging hiatus! I have had plenty of material, I just haven't been that ambitious...January and February in the North does this to me every year... I can't complain about the sun not being around this Winter, it has, but it hasn't been much above 20 degrees very much since the middle of December. I am a warm weather kind of girl that is stuck in the Midwest! (Hannah totally agrees with me on my last statement. She got off the bus on Monday, and said, "This is a great day! It's a new month, and that means that we are one month closer to Spring!") That's my girl!!!

So, are you thinking, What is "No Never...Not LUCA..."? Well, I will tell you! I read a blog called "My Charming Kids". She does a post every Monday called, "Not Me Monday". In this post she goes over her last week and posts things that she has done or how she has reacted to things, but she always writes it in a way that she "didn't do it". She opens it up to her readers to join in, and I often thought it would be great therapy to tell you things that I absolutely 'never' did in the last week. Like, there is no way that I washed my son with cold water last week to get the poop off of him. No way, not me, that would be cruel!!! So, that is how it goes.

So, I am taking a spin off of her post and making my own: I am hoping that it is not a weekly post, but the way Luca is, you can probably count on a lot of these!!! lol...

So, here goes my first "No NEVER...Not LUCA"

Nope, there is no way that Luca could have had time to go up to the bathroom, that I swear I had locked, while I was changing Jonas's poopy diaper, and gotten into the top drawer of a container, gotten out the toothpaste, which he calls the gross one, eat a lot of it, smear it on himself, and then proceed to throw it in the toilet. "No NEVER...Not LUCA"

There is also no way that Luca, when I had him sitting on the counter, not being able to touch ANYTHING, grabbed my watch and through it in the bathtub...filled with water and Jonas getting a bath. "No NEVER...Not LUCA"

There is also ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that after getting in that much trouble that Luca would proceed to 'fold' Jonas in half and lay on top of him in the bathtub and try to 'drown' him! "No NEVER...Not LUCA"

He also did not whine and cry all day long. Nope, not him... "No NEVER...Not LUCA"

Okay, you can see my secrets now: I need to clean the toilet tomorrow... :-) I HATE throwing things away that are not all out! Like lotion; I cut the bottle in 1/2 at the end and scrape out everything before I throw it away! But, I do have my limits...The toothpaste--yah, it went in the trash! ;-)

You see his remorse, right?!?!

This was too cute! He is asleep with his fingers under the door jam...


Abby said...

OH my...he would fit in well here too. I cut my lotion bottle too to get all the extra out. We are kindred spirits!!

Rebekah Hubley said...


I think so too! Don't you wish we could live in one big town... I would love to get houses that connect through one common room, and have all of my great friends close by to live like a "village". Wouldn't the help and adult conversation be great!!! Boy, we could have one amazing craft room too. Maybe that would be the 'common' room! ;-)

Phyl said...

I wonder how much toothpaste he would eat if it weren't the "gross one"? Did it make him sick at all?? Did your watch survive?