Saturday, August 2, 2008

On Vacation...

I am not sure that I will be blogging over the next several days. We are on vacation in Erie, Pennsylvania, and will not be home until August 8th. Until tonight, I was not even sure that I would have internet access. My laptop would not find any wireless links. My sister came tonight, and her computer found a couple unlocked signals. So, I guess I am "stealing" the internet right now. :-)

We are here visiting my grandma. My aunt Connie and uncle Darrell are here from Allentown, PA. My sister just got in today, and Ryan will be here tomorrow. He had class today for his Masters, so I came out with my parents on Thursday evening. Jonas was by far the BEST traveler!!!!!!!!!!!! Hannah and Micah did awesome too, but Luca was another story. He was between Hannah and Micah and he LOVES to make Hannah scream. Which is not hard to do!!! :-) It was a 6hr. drive and he maybe slept 2 hrs. We got here at 12:15 am.

We were at the beach today and the kids had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try to post pictures this week, but I will not make any promises...

If you think about it, pray for Micah: He has been running a temp since yesterday and before he went to bed tonight it was 102.3. It is probably just a virus, but with his health issues, it is not always that cut and dry. He is a trooper though; he will not let any fever get in his way of fun! Today he still wanted to go to the beach, and he spent 3/4 of the time there asleep on a blanket under the umbrella. Tonight my parents and uncle took him to a local amusement park (Waldemeer), and he played arcade and rode rides with a temp over 100: all with a smile. He does not want to miss out on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week: We will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Phyl said...

LOVE the new picture of Hannah but now we don't see the "saintly" sweet face of your handsome husband.:-)