Thursday, April 1, 2010

Like Summer...

(Do you like my new 'do' and bikini??? he,he... That really is my body after carrying 3 over 9lb. babies.. Isn't this what you look like too??? :-)

Hearing the most beautiful bird chirping outside, (Hannah would know what kind of bird, because she just knows things like this :-), wearing a tank top, my favorite summer jeans, and being barefoot, makes me feel like summer is just around the corner. It is 75 right now and I am in heaven!!! ;-) Now, I live in Indiana and have to be realistic... It could possibly snow next week; it has been known to snow in April.. YUCK!!! BUTTTTTTTT, I am thinking positively and BELIEVING that summer is almost here. I LOVE not wearing layers, putting coats on EVERYBODY, and just being barefoot. I love the simple things in summer. Makes me feel like a kid! I am really a kid, just my b-day says that I am 32. Who cares right??? I am not counting!!! ;-)

Have a great Easter weekend and we will be enjoying spring break here next week. I am so excited that the weather will be cooperating!

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