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Selah's Website & Haiti...

I went over to Selah's website and found this blog entry. I let Amy know about RHFH and how much they love Selah's music and how much it ministered to them before and after the earthquake. I love Selah and the people that make up the group. They are the 'real deal'! I can't wait to see them February 20th here in Fort Wayne... Love you guys...


January 26, 2010

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, two weeks ago, an earthquake shattered the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti. As a Christian, our first thought is usually to pray for the people, for the rescue efforts, for healing. But sometimes when something like this happens so far away, we can feel disconnected from it, like it isn’t really happening because it’s not happening to someone we know. Well, I have the privilege of knowing a sweet little boy from Haiti named Jonas, and was blessed to meet him and his adoptive mother, Rebekah, several months ago while on tour, and this is happening to them, to their friends and their family.

Rebekah adopted Jonas from God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage in Haiti. Prior to his adoption, Jonas was cared for at the orphanage by a sweet woman named Anna Kagstrom, she took care of him for 9 months. Since Rebekah and her family met Anna she has become a part of their family. Originally from Sacramento, California, Anna has spent 15 years in Haiti and calls it her home. Currently, Anna home schools the children of Licia Betor, a woman who runs Real Hope For Haiti, a rescue center and clinic that treats hundreds of malnourished children daily.

In the last two weeks, we have received several emails containing a link to Licia’s blog and we wanted to share it with you. On January 15, 2010, Licia posted a blog entitled “I Am.” She spoke of the earthquake, of people in her life and what they were doing in Haiti right at that time, and she ended her post with this:

“This CD below has been playing everyday non-stop since the earthquake in the office. It gives me so much peace to listen to it. I have no idea how to contact this group to thank them for their music. But it has been a true blessing to me.”


We are so blessed and honored to know that our music has served as spiritual healing in this horrible time. God is so great, and he shows up wherever and whenever we need him. Please take the time to read Licia’s blog, it will inspire you.

If you would like to help the people of Haiti, here are two great places to donate:

CLICK HERE for God’s Little Angels Orphanage

CLICK HERE for Real Hope for Haiti

Sincerely, Amy

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Mommy interrupted said...

Did you see the RHFH blog? I was wondering if you had any media contacts to forward that to. I smell a story! Maybe they can get something done. -Sherry